Aion Mmorpg-Life giveaway winners

Our Aion Mmorpg-Life giveaway has ended. Congrats to all the winners and all the rest better luck next time.

  • Jhawke27 won the US version with an incredible roll of 80, 100 and 99.
  • petar87 is EU version winner with 91, 97 and 89.

We’ll contact the winners immediately and I hope you guys put in your correct addresses. If we don’t hear from the winners in the next 12 hours we’ll be contacting the runner ups until the keys are distributed.

We have also prepared a consolidation prize for the most fun comment made and we have decided to give the EU open beta access key to Thanos Vrahatis and his comment. This will make it possible to play in the open beta but does not cover first month subscription or retail launch.

For more information visit

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