Mines Of Moria Sets

The Mines of Moria New Sets
by Seldom

For all sets apart from the vile maw ones the appearances are only unique to armour type instead of class, e.g. the heavy appearance will be shared for guardians, captains and champions. So it's similar to the way the annu sets etc. work but the stats and bonuses are specific to each class.

If you are interested in stats of the sets you should check:

  • Burglar Armour Sets
    Trickster's Garb Level 58-60, Soft walker's Armour & Armour of the Quiet Step Level 60, Armour of the Hidden Dagger Level 58-60, Armour of the Silent Knife Level 58-60
  • Captain Armour Sets
    Brazen Call Level 58-60,
    Hall General Level 58-60, Chieftain PvMP Level 58-60, Rallying Shout and Stoutheart Level 60
  • Champion Armour Sets
    Armour of the Axe-Handler Level 58-60, Berserker's Armour & Armour of the Whirlwind Level 60, Blademaster's Armour Level 58-60, Armour of the Last Stand Level 58-60

  • Guardian Armour sets
    Armour of the Swift-Slayer, The Shield-Bearer's Armour, Stoneheart's Armour & Armour of the Iron Arm, Armour of Durin's Guard, Tier 6 Crit Crafted
  • Hunter Armour Sets
    Armour of The Swift Arrow and Trapsetter's Armour level 60, The Great Bow Armour - Level 58-60, Pathfinder's Armour - Level 58-60, Hunter PvMP Gear Armour of the Hawk- Eye - Level 58-60
  • Lore-Master Armour sets
    Armour of the Learned Master Level 58-60, Quillmaster's Armour & Armour of Deep Lore Level 60, Stone-Reader's Armour
    Level 58-60, Armour of the Stone Student Level 58-60
  • Minstrel Armour Sets
    Mighty Verse Armour Set Level 58-60, Wandering Bard Armour Set PvMP Gear Level 58-60, Balladeer's Armour & Armour of the Poets Heart Level 60, Song Caller's Armour Level 58-60
  • Rune Keeper Armour Sets
    Armour Graven Word Set Level 50 - Rift Set, Word Smith's Armour Set Level 58-60, Word-Crafter Armour Set PvMP Gear Level 58-60, Armour of the First Letters
    Level 58-60, Armour of the Written Word & Certh-Writer's Armour
    Level 60
  • Warden Armour Sets
    Warden sets Town-Saver, PvMP Set, Platinum Coins Set, Copper Coin Set The Hall Warden, Silver Coins Set, Gold Coins Set, Warden set Moria Beta, Armour of the Shield-Wall
    Level 60, Armour of the Bulwark
    Level 58-60

Anyway here they are, sorted by the area the barter NPC is in not necessarily where the barter items drop (I've not done many instances):

Foundations of Stone

Lore-Master: Deep Lore Set | Minstrel: Balladeer's Set | Rune-Keeper: The Written Word Set

Hunter: Swift Arrow Set | Burglar: Quiet Step Set | Warden: Line-Warder's Set

Captain: Rallying Shout Set | Guardian: Stoneheart's Set | Champion:Whirlwind Set

Redhorn Lodes/Flaming Deeps

LoreMaster: Stone Student Set | Minstrel: Song Caller's Set | Rune-Keeper: First Letters Set

Hunter: Path Finder's Set | Burglar: Trickster's Set | Warden: Hall Warden's Set

Captain: Brazen Call Set | Guardian: Shield-Bearer's Set | Champion: Axe Handler's Set

As I said Vile Maw sets are different, with specific appearances per class. You barter for these at the class trainers and as I don't have one of each class in moria I need to ask others to link them for me. For this reason a few are missing but I'll try fill them in as quickly as possible:

Minstrel: The Mighty Verse Set

Hunter: Great Bow Set

Burglar: Silent Knife Set

Captain: Hall-general's Set:

Guardian: Durin's Guard's Set:

Champion: Blademaster's Set: