Guardian Armour Sets Moria

New Moria Guardian Sets

Thanks to others who are playing beta and have posted screenshots of the stats we can present you five guardian armour sets that will be in the game when Mines of Moria launches. We would like to thank MithrilSoul, Elderban, Cyberjazz, Falori, JeanCarlo and Hellfinger for all schreenshots and additional information about new guardian sets. Additional input and data are always welcome!

Guardian Set -Armour of the Swift-Slayer level 58-60

This is the guardian PvP set. Minimum level 58, and like all pvp gear, wearable only with the required rank (pieces start at rank 2 and go up to rank 8)

Boots Of The Swift Slayer

Breastplate Of The Swift Slayer

Gauntlets Of The Swift Slayer

Helm Of The Swift Slayer

Leggings Of The Swift Slayer

Mace Of The Last Stand

Pauldrons Of The Swift Slayer

Shield Of The Last Stand

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Guardian Set The Shield-Bearer's Armour - Level 58-60

This set varies in minimum level from 58 to 60. Apparently drops in various MoM instances.

Shield Bearers Boots

Shield Bearers Breastplate

Shield Bearers Gauntlets

Shield Bearers Helm

Shield Bearers Leggings

Shield Bearers Shoulders

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Guardian Stoneheart's Armour & Armour of the Iron Arm - Level 60

These are two half-sets, each lvl 60 and consisting of 3 pieces. Taken together, they essentially form one full set. Also from MoM instances.

Stonehearts Breastplate

Stonehearts Helm

Stonehearts Shoulders

Boots Of The Iron Arm

Gauntlets Of The Iron Arm

Leggings Of The Iron Arm

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Guardian Set -Armour of Durin's Guard level 58-60

The only teal set so far, this is sometimes called the "Radiance set" for short because it is the only set with the Radiance bonuses.

Boots Of Durins Guard

Breastplate Of Durins Guard

Gauntlets Of Durins Guard

Helm Of Durins Guard

Leggings Of Durins Guard

Shoulders Of Durins Guard

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Heavy Armour -Heroic Noble's Armour T6 Crit Crafted level 58-60

Heroic Nobles Armour

Heroic Nobles Boots

Heroic Nobles Gloves

Heroic Nobles Heavy Shield

Heroic Nobles Helm

Heroic Nobles Leggings

Heroic Nobles Shoulder Guards

Guardian Set -Tier 6 Crit Crafted level 58-60 - old version from early beta

This is the crit version of the Tier 6 crafted set. Minimum level is 58. MoM beta screenshots of this were from early enough in beta that the set wasn't even given a name yet so realize this info might not be the most accurate. Full stats on individual pieces can be found: