Turbine Tuesdays: On Sale Trait Slot: Virtue

This Tuesday, March 15th from 12AM -12PM EST (-5 GMT), Trait Slot: Virtue will be on 50% Sale!

Trait Slot: Virtue (95TP 48TP)
Improve your combat abilities!
Unlock additional slots to use the traits that you gain in game. Traits (Virtue, Class, Racial, and Legendary) are gained by completing Deeds, Quests and sometimes by leveling. Virtue Trait Slots allow a player to use unlocked Virtues. Virtues, once acquired, can be improved by completing additional Deeds.
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Trait Slots

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One Response to Turbine Tuesdays: On Sale Trait Slot: Virtue

  1. avatar Maeglaz says:

    Wow! Going to go buy and improve my virtues now!