Thanksgiving Sales in the LOTRO Store

New Lotro Store Sale starts on Wednesday, November 24th 12am Eastern (-5 GMT) and last until Thursday, December 2nd 11:59pm Eastern (-5 GMT). During this sale period the offers are:

  1. Select Quest Packs 20% Off (595+ 476+)
    Continue your adventure through new regions, new dungeons and buildings, and classic landmarks from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Angmar, Enedwaith, Eregion, Evendim, Forochel, Misty Mountains, North Downs and Trollshaws!
  2. Defence Buffs 20% Off (95+ 76+)
    Increase your character's level of Defence! Mitigate more fire damage, frost damage, acid damage, lightning damage, shadow damage and common damage. 5 and 10-stacks available!
  3. All Food Items 20% Off (35+ 28+)
    Start your day with a Hearty Breakfast! Have a mid-day Tasty Lunch and Scrumptious Snack! Get ready for Thanksgiving with Delicious Dishes, Fantastic Feasts, Filling Dinners and Mouthwatering Meals! All of these Food Items increase in-combat and non-combat Morale and Power regen rates! 10 and 25-stacks available.
  4. Journeyman Crafting Tools 20% Off (50 40)
    Tools for your crafter!
  5. Select Clothing 20% Off (150+ 120+)
    Dress your character for the everyday, a special occassion or a daring adventure!

Don't forget that all Stat Tomes (495 248) & all Virtues (595 298) are also on sale 50% Off

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