Lotro Store Sales June 24th 2011


This week June 24th – 26th discount codes are:

Coupon code LDYD1000: Spend 1000 TP get 15% OFF
Coupon code LDYD1500: Spend 1500 TP get 20% OFF
Coupon code LDYD2000: Spend 2000TP get 25% OFF


During the next few days from Friday, June 24 through Thursday, June 30 2011 the following items will be on 20% sale.

Milestone Skills
Set multiple instant-travel destinations!
Unlock an additional destination skill to bind at Milestones. 5 additions available!

Milestones, or "homes", are locations that you can instantly travel to from anywhere in the world. Players can bind to one destination at a time for free, and purchasing additional Milestone Skills allows players to access more than one destination at a moment's notice!

STORE LOCATION: Travel & Housing > Maps & Skills
DISCOUNT: 20% 350 TP 280 TP
Writ of Passage
Improve your travel experience throughout Middle-earth!
These papers grant characters a permanent 20% cost reduction with all Stable-masters.
STORE LOCATION: Travel & Housing > Travel Traits
DISCOUNT 20% 495 TP 396 TP
Return Trips
Quickly and instantly travel to Bree, Enedwaith, Thorin's Gate, Mirkwood, Rivendell and Michel Delving!

Use of these skills require the possession of Travelling Rations (on sale this week!).

STORE LOCATION: Travel & Housing > Maps & Skills
LEVEL: Varies
DISCOUNT 20% 295 TP 236 TP
Travelling Rations
1 Point Per Travelling Ration!
10 Travelling Rations now available for 10 Points. Travel from anywhere, anytime! Travelling Rations are used to fuel skills that transport players from one location in the game world to another. These objects are consumed when the players enact their fast-travel skills or when another player uses a fast-travel skill upon them.
STORE LOCATION: Travel & Housing > Summoning Items


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