Guardian Legacy Information

Guardian Legacy Information

by Cyberjazz, Walhalla

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How you should look at it is simply that after certain levels you get points that you can chose to spend on certain subcategories, but every extra rank naturally costs more points. So you can costumize from the selection of those bonusses which you want to rank and for how much. (every drop gives a certain pick from the list, you CAN'T chose the ones you like all chance)

Guardian Weapon Legacies

Engage Range
Stagger Positional Damage - bit useless maby ok on the moors
Catch a Breath Morale Heal
Guardians Stamp Skill Reset
Power Restoration
Warrior's Heart Duration
Turn the Tables Cooldown
Overpower Power Cost
Stagger Attack Duration
Guardian Bleed Pulses
Guardian AE Melee Targets
Charge Duration
Guardian Bleed Damage
To the King Damage
Targeted Melee Range
Guardians Ward Duration
Whirling Retaliation Damage
Stagger Move Speed Debuff
Stagger Effect Duration
Sweeping Cut Damage
Overpower Evade Chance

Guardian Belt Legacies

1. Legacies
Threat Up
Cry Resist Chance
Challenge Targets
Catch a Breath Morale Heal
Shield Smash Damage
Guardians Threat Block Rating
Guardians Threat Parry Rating
Guardians Ward Damage
Shield Damage
Reactive Block Damage
Warrior's Heart Morale Heal
Guardians Ward Block Rating
Guardians Ward Parry Rating
Stagger Critical Rating
Stagger Positional Damage
Sting Damage
Shield Wall Range

2. Potential Base stats
+X% Perceived Threat
+X% Threat Input Modifier for Taunt