Captain Level 50 60 Guide Moria

Captain in the Mines of Moria: The Level 50-60 Guide
by felfalas , arpinduellyer86, Decay

I. Changes to Current Captain Skills

Battle Shout - Battle Shout now puts Captain into battle readied stance regardless if it was resisted or missed

Revealing Mark - Tooltip now displays, "On any Damage: Recieve 15% of Damage"

Noble Mark - Now also "Increases threat over time" in addition to DoT effect.

II. 50+ Skills:

52 - Improved Blade of Elendil: Same as BoE expect it removes a corruption effect on target. The corruption removing is huge when taking on mobs when soloing, but the skill is otherwise the same.

54 - Improved Defensive Strike: Same as DS except it has a chance of restoring some power on a mob under the effect of Light of Elendil. It seems it can restore around 200 power. Not bad, really shines in a group setting when you can proc LoE DoTs often.

56 - Call to Arms: Archer: Archer pet, has three skills. Sure Aim: Damaging Attack, Barbed Arrows: Snares movement by 10%, Evasion: Increases evasion, Armor, and shadow defense.

58 - Valiant Strike:A melee attack that instant heals nearby fellowship members (and yourself). The healing right now is really weak at something like 170 Morale and the cooldown is 1m. Can become better with trait lines and legacies however.

60 - Shadow's Lament: On-defeat high damage single target skill, and increases threat. I like this skill, it can do some crazy damage. If you trait for it it will do even more.

III. Class Trait Trees and Set Bonuses

Leader of Men

2 - Reduced Mark Skills Cooldown (instant cooldown on mark skills)
3 - Reduced Shield-Brother Skills Power Cost (-15%)
4 - Improved Kick (Kick has 10% chance to initiate a FM)
5 - Master of Oaths: Increase offensive and Defensive capabilities of pets + use of Oathbreaker Armaments. (Read book, "Master of the Charge." obtained by getting Kindred Status with iron Garrison Guards)

Skills Under Leader of Men Trait Line:
Composure - Time of Need also resets the cool downs on all Cry skills and Shadow's Lament.
Precise Ally - Heralds and Archers do 20% more damage
Tactical Prowess - +5 seconds to To Arms buff
Captain of War
Blood of Numenor
Captain's Victory

Hands of Healing:

2 - Increase Vocal Skill Healing (+10%)
3 - Reduced Healing Skills Power Cost (-10%) (Note that the description is bugged in the screenshot, it still gives the propper effect however)
4 - Increased Melee Skills Healing (+10%)
5 - Hands of Healing: +10% Healing of all healing skills & -30s cooldown on Valiant Strike, VS has a HoT (Legendary Trait obtained from class quest)

Skills under Hands of Healing Trait Line:
Deeds Before Words - Inspire will restore more Morale (Not sure how much it increases it though)
Relentless Optimism - Critical heals will heal 10% more
Strength from Within - Muster Courage will heal yourself in addition to its other benefits versus fear, but you cannot summon Heralds or Archers. At lvl 60 and without the increase healing trait set, it heals 82 morale initially, and then 82 every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. You can still use Banners.
Fear No Darkness
Strong Voice
Subtle Command
Captain's Hope
Now For Wrath

Lead the Charge:

2 - Increased Melee Skill Critical Multiplier (+15%)
3 - Reduced Melee Skills Power Cost (-5%) (Note that the description is bugged in the screenshot, it still gives the propper effect however)
4 - Grave Wound will force your target to attack you for a limited time (IIRC, lasts 10s)
5 - Master of War: +50% Damage and Threat from Shadows Lament, Criticals from Shadow's Lament will put the Captain in Battle-Ready stance, and +50% threat from Noble mark.(Legendary Trait is obtained by completing Books 1-6 of volume 2)

Skills Under Lead the Charge Trait Line:
Adherant of Elendil - BoE will deal 15% more damage
Battle Master - PA and DB deal 10% more damage
Alert Guard - DS increases Parry Chance in addition to increasing Armor. NOTE: This skill was removed from this trait line. I do not have it on either of my Captains (lvl 55 and 60) but some have said they have reacquired it.
Renewed Voice
Turn of the Tide
Focused Strikes
Captain's Valour
Expert Attacks

IV. Legendary Items

Weapon legacies:

+% Blade of Elendil Damage
-% Cry Power Cost
+% Cutting Attack Bleed Damage
+% Damage Increase
+# Defensive Strike Armour Buff
+# Devestating blow Critical Rating
-# Kick Cooldown
-% Melee Skill Power Cost
+# Pressing Attack Critical Rating
+# Routing Cry Damage
+# Tactics: On Guard Parry Rating
+# Tactics: Relentless Attack Critical Rating Buff
+% Telling Mark Damage
+# To Arms Duraction

Emblem Legacies:

-# Battle Shout Target Resist Rating
-# Escape From Darkness Cooldown
-# Grave Wound Cooldown
+% Healing From Rallying Cry
+% Healing from Melee Healing Skills
+% Healing From Strength of Will
-# Rallying Cry Cooldown
-# Shadow's Lament Cooldown
+# Tactics: Focus In-Combat Power Regen Rating
-# Threatening Shout Cooldown
-% Threat From Healing (Description currently bugged, does not describe magnitude of effect) Note: have they addressed this yet? I no longer have this legacy to check
-# Time of Need Cooldown
+% Vocal Skills Healing
+# War Cry Buff Duration
-% Words of Courage Morale Cost
-% Words of Courage Power Cost

Captain Armour Sets

Brazen Call Level 58-60, Hall General Level 58-60, Chieftain PvMP Level 58-60, Rallying Shout and Stoutheart Level 60

Captain Armour Sets in Moria

Captain Oathbreaker Herald

New Oathbreaker Herald with stats

Moria Two handed swords and Halberd


Angfaril Stats

Peerless Thains Greatsword

Peerless Thains Greatsword Stats

Peerless Thains Halberd

Peerless Thains Halberd Stats

Click on the screenshot to see details


Our healing is a very nice amount now, and as others have said don't panic when you see our hard numbers and crit %'s, it's not quite as bad as it looks. Overall though, with the legacies, traits, new/old skills our healing has been complimented ranther than hindered. The legendary skill for having 5 in the healing trait line is nice, especially for those who like to be healers (I probably won't have this one slotted often though).

Our dps and off-tanking have really been given much attention, and we can now effectively off-tank at least one mob, if you know your stuff you can probably pull off two. Legacies on weapons/emblems also help this out as well as some of our new traits. Legenadry skill for 5 of the Charge path is very nice (even though they nerfed Valiant Strike by an un-necessary amount, and it was a lot folks), and will definately compliment those who want to dps/off-tank more (I might use this one sometimes).

Our pet/utility path frankly kinda sucks. The Archer Herald is virtually useless. He can't shoot and run, he can only put a self-evasion buff to himself, does "ok" damage, no group buffs, is squishy, and frankly is a pain to use since everyone who has complained about Heralds not keeping up....well, this guy is only going to frustrate you even more. None of our buffs skills (exception of Heralds/Banners) have level'd up past what they are at lvl 50, and I repeat, NONE. So that means our Tactics, IDOME, etc is still all the same. Oh, and our Banners/Heralds buffs do scale up, but is extremely minimal, we saw almost a bif of an increase from lvl 47 to lvl 50. The Legendary trait for having 5 of this line is an Oathbreaker (picture below), but his dps and survivability isn't great enough for me (and probably many of you) to slot 5 traits in this line. He looks cool, but that's about it.... sorry folks.

And for those of you who will still want to go a hybrid path, don't sweat it. You can easily use yoru 3rd Legendary slot for one of our already existing Legendary skills (ex, having IDOME, Oathbreakers Shame, and our bubble all slotted). So you won't be missing out on having a 3rd Legendary, and if you mix and match you can still get trait-line bonuses by having either 2, 3, or even 4 traits in any given line traited. So in a sense, you could be getting the set 2 bonus from each (one line having the set 3 bonus) of all 3 trait-lines all at once. And having bonuses from different trait lines doesn't hinder you at all, so feel free to create hybrid setups.

As a side note, for the new Armour set from the new Raid, which is for defeating the Watcher, it gives off +8 Hope if you have all the pieces. And you MUST have the ENTIRE set to run the raid at all, because without it you'd have so much dread you'd be cowering all the time. This in my opinion kinda sucks because it makes the gear mandatory for the raid, and it makes any other content a bit easier since that +8 Hope buff is a fairly nice buff.