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Lotro Changes with Isengard Expansion and much more

During the last two days Aaron Campbell, Producer for LOTRO and Adam Mersky, Public Relations Director for Turbine had several interviews about the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online expansion, Rise of Isengard and other updates. To make a long … Continue reading

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Lotro Release Notes for November Update

Today Turbine released official notes for the November 2010 Update. There are several big changes like: The Lone-lands quest pack is now free to all players Swift Travel Routes that previously required the player to be a subscriber are now … Continue reading

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The November Lotro Update is launching on 11/29

Turbine has finally announced the date of the November Update. It’s November 29, 2010. This first F2P patch will bring us more Middle-earth content and quests – FOR FREE. If you want to find out more about November Update follow … Continue reading

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