Race Of Elves

Race of Elves

Race of elves - MaleThroughout the ages, the deeds and struggles of the noble race of Elves have been entwined with the very history of Middle-earth. They remember all too well the devastation caused by the tides of evil that once darkened the land - a shadow which threatens to do so once again. In ages past, the Elves divided into many different groups, and settled throughout Middle-earth, primarily in the ancient forested realms where they yet live. Tall and strong, fair and graceful, Elves have keen senses and a deep affinity for the beauty of the natural world around them. Elves do not "die" in the way understood by Men; Elves often live in the lands of Middle-earth for thousands of years, suffering neither the effects of time nor disease, though the body of an Elf may be struck down in battle. At the end of their days in Middle-earth, the Elves travel to unknown realms across the western sea.

Long ago, the Elves welcomed the "younger" races of Middle-earth and allied with them when the need was great, but centuries of war, betrayal, and hardship have made them fiercely protective of their seclusion. Now, as the Third Age draws to a close and the War of the Ring is at hand, the Elves are once again stirring from their forested realms and hidden valleys, allying with the Free Peoples of Middle-earth against the darkness which grows from both the North and East.

Race of elves - Female

Available classes:

Starting Stats
Champion   Might - 14   Agility - 29   Vitality - 10   Will - 8   Fate - 3
Guardian   Might - 14   Agility - 25   Vitality - 14   Will - 11   Fate - 1
Hunter   Might - 8   Agility - 29   Vitality - 11   Will - 14   Fate - 3
Minstrel   Might - 11   Agility - 23   Vitality - 10   Will - 14   Fate - 6
Lore-Master   Might - 8   Agility - 26   Vitality - 10   Will - 14   Fate - 6

Starting Area

The race of Elves starting area is Ered Luin


Lindon, Lorien, Mirkwood, Rivendell, Edhellond

Passive Skills
  • Agility of the Woods - Improved Agility (+15).
  • Fading of the Firstborn - Reduced Fate (-8).
  • Sorrow of the Firstborn - Reduced Morale (-20) and Out of Combat Morale Regeneration (-1.0). Elves feel thing more deeply than the other races and are more subject to sorrow.
  • Suffer no Illness - Improved resistance to Disease (+1.0%)and Poison (+1.0%).