He was a great hunter, but he vowed to chase no wild beast while there was an Orc left in Rohan.

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A

Woodsman, pathfinder, and master of the bow, the keen-eyed Hunter can use her arrows to devastating effect from a distance. Archery is not the only thing the Hunter excels at, for she can lead her companions through the forest at greater speed than they could on their own, and can set up traps to ambush enemies. The archer is no close-quarters fighter, however, and would generally rather let her bow do the work than resort to her sword.

The Hunter will be the class of choice for players who enjoy striking a target at range. Clever by nature, the Hunter is known to lure her targets into traps to hinder them, giving her time to use her bow to deadly effect. A Hunter's knowledge of nature also provides skills that help her and her fellows survive in the wild. A Hunter's combat style depends on her ability to injure others while staying out of harm's way.

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Hunter is a ranged combatant, with powerful damaging abilities at range but very limited in close combat. The hunter also has wilderness skills such as traps and tracking. Special traps can be purchased or made by crafters. Due to their ability to use traps Hunters are excellent at soloing against a single target, even of higher level. However because their main damage dealing abilities are highly interpretable Hunters have difficulty dealing with large groups of opponents even of slightly lower levels. Hunters inventory is not cluttered with arrows, due to the usual inventory hassle. Hunters may choose to carry particular consumables for special shots (flame arrows, for an example). The Hunter has an aiming system called Focus. As long as the Hunter stays in one place, each shot of his bow increases his Focus, which can then be used to fire special shots. Another way of gaining focus is through the use of certain skills either just before or during combat. The Hunter and the Champion share the titles of main damage dealers.

The Hunter, Master of the Bow, is very dangerous from range, using fast, strong attacks to lure foes into their traps. Their knowledge of nature provides skills that help allies survive. They can also use swords, although not as powerful as other classes, they still have enough skill to efficiently slay their foe.

Skills Of The Hunter
  • Barbed Arrow - The Hunter's arrow causes a wound that bleeds and slightly slows movement speed.
  • Blindside - Divert an enemy's attention with a single melee strike and follow it with a single bow attack at close range.
  • Low Cut - The Hunter makes a low cut in front of himself which can temporarily slow the movement speed of up to two enemies.
  • Merciful Shot - When an enemy falls to 50% of its health or lower, this shot inflicts massive damage.
  • Penetrating Shot - An extremely damaging shot that is able to pierce the armour of an enemy, ignoring 10% of its mitigation.
  • Purge Poison - The Hunter's survival lore allows him to use naturally-occurring medicines to purge poisons from an ally.
  • Quick Shot - Allows the Hunter to nock and loose an arrow quickly.
  • Rain of Arrows - The Hunter rains five arrows down upon his enemies, allowing him to hit multiple targets.
  • Scourging Blow - This attack wounds the Hunter's foe, dealing additional damage if the enemy is suffering from Barbed Arrow, but stops the bleeding.
  • Set Trap - The Hunter's survival skills enable him to lay traps to ensnare enemies.
  • Swift Bow - Loose two missiles in rapid succession.
  • Swift Stroke - A fast, damaging melee attack.
Traits of the Hunter

Here are some of the Class-specific Traits this class can obtain while adventuring in Middle-earth.

  • Hail of Arrows - The Hunter has a greater chance of landing Critical Hits with his Rain of Arrows.
  • True Shot - The Hunter's Penetrating Shot pierces more deeply through an enemy's armour, ignoring more of the armour's damage mitigation.

Hunters can use light and medium armor


Hunters can use bows and melee weapons. They can also dual wield (unlocked through leveling).