Go after those two young hobbits, and guard them...

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, "The Breaking of the Fellowship"

A doughty fighter and protector of the weak, a skilled Guardian can face even the toughest foes and survive. The Guardian is one of the few classes willing and able to try to draw more blows onto themselves, so they can retaliate with devastating maneuvers in response.

The Guardian will be the class of choice for players that enjoy drawing the attention of their foes in combat and taking advantage of their missteps. Masters of the defensive arts, Guardians use taxing attacks and irksome taunts to draw and hold opponents' attention, relying on their shield and weapon to turn aside incoming attacks with blocks and parries. A Guardian's combat style depends on creating openings during an opponent's attack to provide the opportunity for their own counterattack.

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The Guardian is the sturdy defensive warrior, able to taunt monsters into attacking them over their more vulnerable team mates. A Guardians more advanced skills are based off of response events, specifically Block and Parry. For instance, when a Guardian blocks an enemy blow, a shield swipe can be played during a small window of opportunity. Such skills, and the skills that chain off of them, are what makes the Guardian so effective. Parry skills tend to do higher damage, while Block skills are better for defense.

The Guardians are the perfect defensive character, they can take on many foes and survive. They are able to draw attention of their foes to themselves, allowing their allies to attack without fear of repercussions. They are characters with high defensive skills and high health points.

Skills Of The Guardian
  • Bash - After a successful Shield Swipe against an enemy, the Guardian may bash it again with his shield, possibly stunning it.
  • Challenge - The Guardian knows how to goad her enemies into attacking, leaving her allies free to maneuver
  • Deep Breath - The Guardian is able to gather his wits and prepare his attacks more quickly than normal.
  • Guardian's Defense - The Guardian focuses his defenses on blocking attacks
  • Guardian's Pledge - The Guardian's great skill enables him to strengthen his defenses for a short time.
  • Guardian's Ward - The Guardian's great skill enables him to strengthen his defenses for a short time.
  • Protection - When wielding a shield, the Guardian may protect one of his allies, improving his ally's defense and allowing the Guardian to react to attacks made against him.
  • Shield Swipe - After successfully blocking an enemy's blow, the Guardian may attack with both weapon and shield.
  • Stamp - Enables the Guardian to break his enemy's concentration, interrupting its actions.
  • Thrill of Danger - The thrill of danger allows the Guardian to regain power, increasing with every enemy near him.
  • Vexing Blow - The Guardian is capable of drawing an enemy's attention to himself with this attack.
  • Warrior's Heart - The Guardian has the ability to improve his morale for a time, even beyond its normal level.
Traits of the Guardian

Here are some of the Class-specific Traits this class can obtain while adventuring in Middle-earth.

  • Guardian's Ward - Guardian's Ward increases the Guardian's natural damage mitigation. All of his special attacks also more strongly direct his enemy's ire towards him.
  • Selfless Defense - The Guardian's Protection skill makes his target less threatening, while drawing the enemy's ire towards him. All of his special attacks also more strongly direct his enemy's ire towards him.

Guardians can use heavy armor and heavy shields


Guardians can use nearly all weapons except for staves. They cannot dual wield. All their skills are built for shield usage.