Lotro World Character Transfer

For those of you who haven't noticed yet, Turbine has announced that World Character Transfers may now be purchased using Turbine Points.

$24.95 €21.95 £18.95 2995 TP
We are also happy to announce that NA World Character Transfers are now available for transfer between ALL North American servers as of 9th November, 2011!Yes, you may now transfer TO Brandywine, Crickhollow, Dwarrowdelf, Elendilmir, Imladris, Landroval, or Riddermark!
The EU World Character Transfer service is available for transfer between all European servers.
Currently, it is a known issue that characters cannot be transferred back to a server they were previously on, as doing so will put the character into an unplayable state. We are working to resolve this issue, and will update this post with any news.
Please note that the World Character Transfer process requires that we lock your subscription out of the game for about 5 minutes while we process the Character Transfer. This process will boot any characters that are logged in when we lock the subscription. You may receive a notice in game that your account has been suspended. Shortly afterward you should receive your email notification that your character has been transferred.
Estimated turn around: within 1.5 weeks (due to volume)
Transfers between North American and European servers are not currently available.

[Source - support.turbine.com]

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