Instance finder is coming to Lotro with Update 5

Ten Ton Hammer has an interview with Adam Mersky, Executive Director of Communications for Turbine, and Aaron Campbell, Senior Producer for LotRO, concerning Update 5. Lotro Update 5 is scheduled for December and open beta testing will begin on Bullroarer on Tuesday. A brand-new interface that's coming out with Update 5 is the Instance Finder.

It will allow players to queue up for instances, either individually or with a group. Everyone who's opted in for that, everyone who's looking for a space right then, in your level band, et cetera, in the right roles, it will automatically match you and send you into the space.
Essentially, this is a fellowship finder that doesn't require the use of chat channels.

Update 5 also brings three 3-person instances, a 6-person and a 12-person raid, and the continuation of the epic book.
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