What we can expect from Lotro next year

Yesterday Eurogamer has released interview with Aaron Campbell, producer for the Lord of the rings Online. After a successful start with the free-to-play relaunch, Turbine came to some conclusions that are very important when creating a new expansion.

"What we're learning as we build free-to-play is that we can release parts of the world at a time. So our next major update - and we'll be talking more about this soon - starts to extend the world out for free-to-play players. They'll be able to get up to level 65 and see all the world that's available to them."

So, what we can expect in the future?

  • Book 3 is scheduled for early part of next year
  • New Digotal Expansion - Isengard
  • We can expect to fight Saruman but it's questionable whether we can defeat him or not
  • Monster Play revamp (class balance)
    We certainly have some important revisions coming for it early to mid next year

For the full interview head over to eurogamer.net

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