Unlock The Mines Of Moria Faq

Unlocking The Mines of Moria FAQ

by tr0tsky0
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  1. General Website Information

    1. How do I access the minigames?
      1. After you've logged in, click on the "Mines of Moria Minigames" button at the bottom-middle of the window.
      2. Click on the game you'd like to play. Currently only King Under the Mountain is available.
    2. I can't find my friends who are logged on, what's wrong?
      1. There's more than one server for the game because of how bad the lag was with only one. It's likely they got logged into a different one.
    3. How do I change servers?
      1. Not really sure. You can try logging out and refreshing the page/clearing your cache.
    4. How do I see what I've unlocked?
      1. Click on the "Mines of Moria Minigames" button.
      2. The doorway which appears in the middle of the screen has stars around it. Each star is an "unlockable treat".
    5. Do any of the Deeds have in-game rewards?
      1. Not at the moment, however there was a dev response at an interview which stated the website might give rewards which would help when the expansion released.
    6. What are each of the stars for around the gate?
      1. Top Middle - Registration Deed
      2. Top Left - King Under the Mountain Deeds
      3. The rest are Unknown.
        1. It's assumed 1 will be for Swig and Toss, 1 will be be for Eleventy-Seven Morsels
        2. Marketroid has said the fifth star is "Not another minigame."
    7. What do the "0/3" things mean when you hover over the unlit stars?
      1. Each game has a number of "Deeds" which must be completed to light up its corresponding star. The details will be listed below.
    8. How do I know if I completed a deed?
      1. The scoreboard at the end of the match will have a window on the left side that says you completed a deed.
      2. If you hover over the star on the gate for the game, it should have changed to 1/3 or 2/3, etc.
      3. You should also get an email, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything (see below)
    9. Is there any way to see which Deeds I've completed for a Star?
      1. No, you can only see how many of the tasks you've completed.
    10. I got an email saying I had completed a deed but nothing has changed on the site?
      1. I think there's a glitch with the mailer. I got emails when I had completed a deed, but I also got some when I hadn't done anything.
    11. How do I find out my ranking for the mini-games?
      1. Click on Leaderboard at the top of the window after logging in.
    12. How are my Skill Points calculated?
      1. Unknown, probably a calculation based on your wins vs games played.
    13. Why is the chat filter so restrictive?
      1. The website has no age restriction, so they went with as restrictive as they could to limit problems. I wouldn't be surprised if it undergoes some changes over time.
    14. Is there any way to ignore someone in chat?
      1. Yes, click on the "Players" button in the global chat window.
      2. Scroll down till you find their name and then check the box under "Ignore".
    15. Who developed the mini-games?
      1. They were developed by Blockdot, who handle a lot of Advergame websites.
      2. Overall design for the site was probably handled by Turbine with outsourcing for the games themselves.
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  3. King Under the Mountain (KUtM) Information

    1. What is the latest version?
      1. The current version is 14.76
    2. How do I make sure I have the latest version?
      1. After you click on King Under the Mountain from the minigame menu, the version number is shown next to the Global Chat tab. The chat must be minimized to see the version number.
      2. If you don't have the latest version, clear your cache and reload the page.
    3. I just won a match but didn't unlock anything, what gives?
      1. There are specific Deeds you need to complete over multiple games to unlock the rewards, see below.
    4. What are the Deeds and how do I complete them?
      1. Durin's Crown - Place 1st in 3 matches. Do not need to be consecutive wins.
      2. Warmonger - Take over 100 Territories.
      3. High Roller - Roll 30 or higher for an attack 20 times. Defensive rolls don't count.
      4. Secret Deed? - Play 100 matches to unlock the KUtM star if you were *really* unlucky and hadn't already. *Unconfirmed*
    5. Can I complete the Deeds in Single Player?
      1. Yes, all the deeds can be completed playing by yourself.
    6. Is there anyway to control where my reinforcements go?
      1. No, reinforcements are placed randomly among the territories on your perimeter (with enemy dice next to them).
    7. Can I move dice from one territory to another?
      1. No, the only way to move dice is by attacking an enemy territory.
    8. How is the number of reinforcements calculated?
      1. Equal to the number of Territories you have divided by 2 and then rounded up.
      2. The Great Hall in the middle of the map grants a bonus reinforcement.
    9. Is there a limit to the number of dice I can have on a space?
      1. Yes, the max is 8 dice on one space.
    10. What game is this based on?
      1. It's strongly based on Dice Wars, which is a great game imo.
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  5. Swig and Toss (SaT) Information

    1. When will Swig and Toss be unlocked?
      1. No information yet, hopefully soon
  6. Eleventy-Seven Morsels (ESM) Information

    1. Coming Soon