Skum And Urauth Instance

Strategy for the lvl 56 Instance: Skum and Urauth
by Glorimlain

Where: Silvertine Lodes
Level: 56
Bring: Either a Loremaster or everybody has up to 10 lvl 60 Woundpots, hope pots

As you enter the instance there are 6 Dwarf statues surrounding a courtyard. These dwarf statues are facing outwards. At each statue there is an EM guarding the wheel to turn it. Kill all the adds surrounding it and then kill the EM. These EM's are the reason to bring a Lore-Master (ABSOLUTE MUST!!!) because every now and then he shouts: You shall fear me, <Name>
This is were the lore master jumps in and start removing wound debuffs because this debuff is definetly not outhealable, especially not with the hits of the EM himself.
After you've killed all the EM's guarding it each pick 1 wheel and you have to turn those wheels in a specific order. This order is random, changes each try. So just try one by one and eventually you'll see a statue turning. Bingo! This is the first 'digit' just the other 5 try and probably after the first try you fail. This will make the first wheel turn back so you have to turn that wheel again and make sure it points inside. Now somebody else tries, you continue this all the time untill you have the correct order.

When you have all the 6 statues pointing inside 6 lightbeams will hit a stone in the center of the courtyard and the door to the first boss opens. Everybody get downstairs and gather up infront of the door. Buff up, pop hope, pop scrolls, eat or whatever you think is necessary and enter. Dont tag the boss untill everybody is inside because when you've tagged the boss the door will close and you might have locked somebody out. This boss works exactly the same as the EM's only this one is Nemesis and he hits higher and his wound debuff hits more.
The loremaster has to very concentrated on the wound-removal now. If you havent removed the debuff at the EM's in less then 5 seconds its still not a huge problem. If you haven't cleansed the tank's wound debuff in less then 2 seconds here, you're tanks morale will drop like a stone and he will die.
This fight isnt very hard so just stay concentrated and you will get this boss down with no problems. Open the 2 strongboxes, sort out the loot and move on.

After you've killed the Nemesis boss, 2 twin Trolls have spawned in the Courtyard. These 2 are born for combat and are extremely difficult to beat. They are both EM with 52k Morale and they have 2 buffs.

1. They absorb eachothers damage and
2. If you keep them close to eachother they will perform their little trick called Twins Touch. This will one shot you no doubt. So keep them seperated!

The tank takes 1 troll and tanks him on the left hand side of the big statue in the Courtyard. The minstrel stays in the center and the rest is damaging the other troll on the right hand side.

Did you really think it was that easy? Hell no, like every 3 seconds they shout like: Hey! You are attacking <Name>! Me help! This will make them run to eachother to kill that person. If you are that one, start running around and kite them. Everybody put all your snares you have on the trolls and put Sticky Tar down. The special attack is a melee attack so if you are out of melee range you should be safe. When you are kiting make sure u make the biggest lap possible and the entire group damages the same troll they were on in the beginning. Make sure u stay in their back. Eventually you'll get 1 down and then the other.

Did you really think it was that easy? Hell no, they have a rage timer. During the fight, their fungal aura builds up. Effect: Multiplies your morale and power with 1.0, 0.9, 0.8... 0.3
Yes you will fight at one third of you morale: lets say 1k -> One-shotable. This is why you have to kill them so ridiculously fast. But eventually the Fungal aura will have reached 0.4 or something so tanking isnt an option anymore, as soon as you see that one of the trolls aggro's you, run off and start kiting. Dont you ever stand near them even if they are seperated.

This took us several tries and if you are dead, retreat because you will spawn at the beginning of the instance. walk like 4 seconds and you are back in the Courtyard so that should be no problem. If you have lost to many people, just run up the stairs and the trolls will follow you. Once you reached the top, the trolls disappear and they spawn behind you. Dont worry, you'll be out of combat and the trolls just walk slowly back to their original spawn point, the middle of the Courtyard. They wont aggro you while they are walking so use this time for ressing if you have to.

Thanks to: Glorimlain, Urgamanix, Anenchel, Hyacinthe, Gromli, Beomia

Additional information
by Spyx, Quickpostman, Ethelwyth, Perandir, Barandir

  • You can see the order of the statues right when you enter the instance. As you approach the stairs a message will pop up on your screen and the statues will turn around one by one. Just use that order and it will work.
    Make sure you also cure the fear effects in the first stage, as they will heal the elite masters if you don't get rid of them.
    Furthermore keep everyone high on morale and stack vitality.
  • The wound shout can crit for over 2k and the wound usually ticks at least once before you can remove it (500 every 2 seconds...) so squishy's can get pretty much one shotted if they aren't full on morale. I suppose the captain morale banner would help then.
  • We had a hunter kite one of the trolls into and around the previous boss' room. That worked quite well - he needs some time to walk back to his brother. As soon as he returned to his brother, the tank and the hunter picked their original targets up again.
  • About that previous boss - if one of the fellowhip is slain, a cloud of gas appears. It's better not to keep standing inside it.
  • You don't need a loremaster for this, when the EM says your name, you just need to get out of sight of him, and won't get any debuff. The same strategy works with the first boss.
  • When fighting the first boss, be careful if someone dies. He'll make the corpse explode, with heavy AoE dot. Just need to move away from the green cloud.
  • One cool trick is that you pop up last stand and harm's way after you get in touch with the trolls. After that you just NUKE them down, when we did this they went down to average of 8k, thanks to their shared received damage.
  • Use lvl60 Pots:- Fear and Wound as you get both types at some point
    and LM if our pots were on cool down. These effects have to be cleared super fast, faster I'd say than in the Rift.
  • With the Trolls Hunters need "Improved Fleet Stance" to be able to kite and nuke effectivly, although it all seemed a bit strange, Trolls calling one name and going for another, also LM rooting skill does work so use that to give the hunters legs a break.
  • If you drag the trolls into the other bosses room the morale multiplier does not apply.