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What's the point of skrimishes?

The answer is, that since there are a number of ways to play Skirmishes, there is no single "point" of the system. Skirmishes have a number of knobs and dials for players to customize and a wide variety of rewards to focus on, so each can get the kind of experience they want.

Some like easy quick instances, some like hard duo content, some want crafting recipes, some like "casual" raids, others like cosmetics for dressing up their soldier and some just love the story. Pick what you want for yourself!

Can we change the soldier choice?

Yes. Just switch out the traits. You can buy others, including different roles. When you buy them go to the Skirmish Captain to slot them. Skirmish captain is your bard.
Skirmish trainer is where you obtain your skills and level them up. Cosmetic Vendor - has scrolls to change the race, hair color, hair style, clothing/armor, etc of your soldier. Make sure to match up the race and gender before you barter for something so you don't waste your skirmish marks. Once you barter for it, right click on it in your inventory and it will go into the attributes panel for your soldier and you can slot them at the Skirmish Captain.
Curiousities vendor - can exchange certain marks for skirmish marks, etc.
Skirmish Captain - can barter for other skills not shown at skirmish trainer for each of the soldier types. [forum]

If I level up one solder and then turn him into another class will his level remain the same?

No, you level up each soldier class individually. Some of the traits can be slotted for any soldiers; those you only to level up once. If you choose the same race and gender for your new solder as the old one had, your cosmetics should work on the new soldier also. If you switch race and/or gender, you will have to get new cosmetic stuff for the new one. [forum]

How to customize your soldier?

There are 4 types of slots. - Each type of slot lets you customize your soldier in a different way (Just like you have different types of traits you can configure at a bard:virtues, class specific skills, racial traits etc) The 4 slot types are:

  1. Attributes - Buy (and level up) soldier types (each type lvls separately) & cosmetic appearances. Then slot them like you slot traits at a bard. This is what determine what soldier type you currently want to use (protector, herbalists, etc)
  2. Soldier specific skills (I forget the exact name) - You buy and lvl these up seprarately for each soldier type. I think each soldier type has 4 "normal" skills and then a few special skills (including "ultimate skills") that can be purchased and then slotted. Note: These skills are soldier type specific. When you buy/lvl them you will only be able to slot them when you have the corresponding soldier type slotted under the attributes seciton
  3. Abilities (I forget the exact name) - These work for ANY soldier type. They give your soldier bonuses like extra morale, extra power, better armor, better resists, better crit chance etc. These can be slotted to improve any soldier type that you slot in the attributes section. [Note: There are a few exceptions - heavy armor can only be sloted on protectors and banner carriers, etc. Any requirements like these are listed when you mouse over the icon]
  4. Self boosts (I forget the exact name) - These boost your character when you are in a skirmish (or the housing areas since you can summon your soldier there). You can get extra armor, extra crit chance, extra attack strength, etc. [b] These can be slotted to improve your character in skirmishes regardless of the soldier type you have slotte in the attributes section.

Is skirmish a daily quest?
Each skirmish has a daily quest attached to it that gives a bonus amount of Skirmish Marks when you complete it. This daily quest is automatically bestowed when you enter the skirmish.

The skirmish itself is not a daily quest and can be completed as many times a day as you'd like, however you'll only get the bonus once per day.

Do we have some basic solder controls?

No. A soldier uses the same AI as other player pets do. They should NOT target a CC'd mob and attack it. If you see that happen, please bug it (providing specifics of the CC used, the soldier used, and the monster).
But if you CC a mob near your soldier while they are AoEing, the soldier will clip the mob with one if its AoEs and break the CC.

Skirmishes and Level Ranges?

Skirmishes will show up in Skirmish Join when you meet the minimum level to play them. [jwbarry]

There is currently:
1 at 30
1 at 35
1 at 40
1 at 45
1 at 50
1 at 55
2 at 60
3 at 65

Soldiers Outside of Skirmishes?

You can view your Soldier's cosmetic equipment and show them off near your house.

You'll find two Skirmish related NPC's in your housing area as well to help you swap traits and appearances. [Sapience]

Where can I join a skirmish?
So long as you aren't in combat, in the ettenmoors, falling, in a housing neighborhood, or one of a couple other limitations, you can join a skirmish from anywhere.[jwbarry]

How can I see health and power of my soldier?
You should have a health and power bar on your screen for your soldier. If you have a pet or an escort out, try moving your UI elements around to make sure it isn't hidden beneath anything.[jwbarry]

Coin rewards?
Skirmish bosses have the vast majority of the coin rewards on them. As part of the pacing of Skirmishes, we decided to not have trash mobs carry loot. As a number of people have pointed out, Skirmishes can be quite lucrative.
If there are any bosses that are not dropping coin, please file a bug. [Zombie_Columbus]

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