Lotro first F2P patch is on the way


  • Lore-masters and Captains now have a new skill on their Companion's skill bar immediately to the left of their active skills. This new skill, “Return to Master” for Lore-master and “Rally” for Captain, will summon an existing companion to the character's location. It is not useable in combat and has a 5 second cooldown.
  • Player Pets and Soldiers now get the benefit from the following
    • Hunter skill “Find the Path”.
    • Minstrel Tales.
    • Rune-keeper “Rune of Restoration.”
    • Captain’s Banners
    • Lore-master’s Raven's “Shield of the Raven's Wing” and the Eagle's “Nobility”.


  • We have resolved many of the issues related to the “Hide In Plain Sight” skill.
    • When you use HIPS and you are alone, the monster should stop attacking you and run home.
    • When you use HIPS and you are in a fellowship, the monster should attack another player in the fellowship.
    • Player Pets will now disengage from players who use “Hide In Plain Sight”.


  • Certain captain skills will no longer flash in your quickslot bar when they are improved by a trait.
  • Fixed an issue where” Shield-Brother” and “Armaments of X” skills were being incorrectly toggled off of their targets.
  • The Oath-breaker Herald's banner no longer appears solid for a second or two when first summoned.
  • Inspire now includes information on how much it will heal the Captain's Shield-brother.
  • The Lossoth can now grant Captains higher level armaments with which to equip their Frozen Commoner Heralds. Visit the Lossoth in Forochel to acquire these new recipes.


  • Champions will now receive an event for defeating an enemy at level 10 when “Ardour” is learned so they can trigger “Ardent Flurry”.
  • “Continuous Blood Rage” will now grant +50% resistance to Physical and Tactical effects in addition to all other resistances, except Disease.
  • The Champion's legendary trait “Blade Explosion” has been renamed “Raging Blade” to match the granted skill.
  • Inspired Greatness now properly increases the potency of the heal applied by the Champion's “Bracing Attack” skill.


  • Hunter class quest “Lay of Land” could not be completed by free players without also purchasing the Eregion quest pack (due to the quest requiring the completion of two exploratory deeds: Dens of the Beasts and The Ruins of Eregion. The exploratory deeds are now free so thatHunters can complete their level 50 class quest without the needing to purchase Eregion.


  • The trait “Dúnedain-learning” now shows specific numbers for what it modifies.
  • Trait tooltips have been cleaned up to reveal Stats and improve readability.
  • The Trait “Knowledge of the Past” now affects all skills (it was previously not affecting “Staff-strike”, “Warding Knowledge”, and a few other skills).
  • Lore-masters have a new skill available at level 30: "Staff Sweep."
  • Lore-masters have a new skill available at level 40: “Frost-lore."
  • The trait “Hardy Bear” has been converted to “Hardy Companion.”
  • The Improved Warding Lore skills have been modified to affect “Drakes & Ancient Evil”, “Creatures of Nature & Beasts”, and “Dead, Men, & Orc-kind”.
  • “Sign of Power: Vigilance” is now a self-anchored Area of Effect skill.
  • “Blinding Flash” will now interrupt inductions even if the monster is immune to Daze effects.
  • The Nature-friend Legendary Trait will now grant the Lore-master a new skill, “Combat Summoning”, in addition to “Friend of Nature.” This new skill will allow the Lore-master to summon any animal companion during combat for the next 10 seconds.
  • The damage over time portion of “Burning Embers” will now stack from multiple Lore-masters.
  • The Lore-master's raven will now apply the Flanked effect to target when the Raven is low level.
  • Fire-lore can now be used on all monster types; including the Dead.
  • “Call to the Valar” now resets the cooldown for “Dispel Corruption” and provides a 10s immunity to induction setbacks caused by damage.
  • The sound FX for Flanking effects is now controlled by the Combat Sound volume
  • The visual indicator that signals when a pet has flanked its target will now only be shown to the Lore-master whose pet successfully flanked their target.
  • “ Inner Flame” has been upgraded as follows:
    • It will heal much more than previously.
    • The Lore-master will not be interrupted while channeling the skill.
    • The Lore-master's pet will take a small portion of the Lore-master's threat for each pulse of healing.
    • All other aspects of the skill are the same.
  • The following frost damage Legendary Item Titles are now useable by Lore-masters.
    • Cold-heart
    • Frost-reaver
    • Ice-fist
  • “Knowledge of the Lore-master” has been changed in a couple of ways.
    • It now places a minor 60 second debuff to resistances on the target.
    • The skill cannot be used in combat and requires you to face the target.
    • The skill cannot be resisted.
  • The Legacies which reduce an enemy's resistance have been re-organized to affect skills more intuitively:
    • Target Resistance (Damaging Skills): This now affects ALL Tactical skills which deal damage:
      • Burning Embers
      • Sign of Battle: Wizardry
      • Test of Wills
      • Gust of Wind
      • Cracked Earth
      • Light of the Rising Dawn
      • Storm-lore
      • Lightning-storm
      • Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire
      • Sticky Gourd.
      • Ents go to War
    • Target Resistance (Fire Skills): This now affects ALL Tactical skill which deal Fire damage:
      • Burning Embers
      • Cracked Earth
      • Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire
      • Sticky Gourd
      • Ents go to War
    • Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills): This now affects ALL skills which debuff the enemy:
      • Sign of Power: Command
      • Blinding Flash
      • Fire-lore
      • Wind-lore
      • Power of Knowledge
      • Bane Flare
      • Herb-lore
      • Frost-lore
      • Ancient Craft
      • Dispel Corruption
      • Sign of Power:See all Ends


  • The Minstrel Skill, Call of the Second Age will now explicitly display that it is adding +10% movement speed to your Fellowship.


  • “Writ of Health” can only be used during combat.
  • "Fall to Our Wrath" now stacks properly across multiple Rune-keepers.
  • "Distracting Winds" is now available at level level 22 (down from 30)
  • The debuff on “Scathing Retort” now lasts lasts longer then the channel duration of "Smoldering Wrath", based on how long you channel for.
  • Satchels may now be equipped cosmetically
  • 5 new chisel variants have been added:
    • Chisel of Fire
      • Fiery Ridicule Induction becomes harder to knockback from damage
      • Increases Tactical damage rating
    • Chisel of Lightning
      • Occasionally during combat, the Charged buff will appear on the Rune-keeper. This will increase critical damage by 5% and make the next usage of "Sustaining Bolt" cost zero Power.
      • Increases Tactical damage rating
    • Riffler (Healing oriented Chisels)
      • Reduces threat generation from healing
      • Increases Healing rating
    • Riffler of Hope
      • Grants Prelude to Hope additional HoT pulses
      • Increases Healing rating[/list
    • Riffler of Writs
      • Master of Writs Power penalty reduced
      • Increases Healing rating
  • New Satchels added to the LOTRO Store
  • New Skill - "Sustaining Bolt" – Level 30
    • This is a high damage, high power cost skill with a 30 second cooldown. It carries a -10% power usage for 15 seconds. It requires 6 Battle attunement. There is a new Chisel that allows this skill to cost zero power.
  • "Fury of Storm" 4 Trait Set Bonus changes:
    • -15 seconds to Sustaining Bolt cooldown
    • +3% base movement speed
  • "Essence of Storm" has been changed as follows:
    • Base damage has been increased.
    • Reduced the cooldown from 10 to 8 seconds.
    • Reduced attunement requirement to 3 Battle.
  • "Scribes Spark" now has lower based damage and a reduced power cost.
  • "Tale of the Storm" has been adjusted.
    • Increased application chance from 10% to 20%.
    • Reduced the duration from 30 to 15 seconds.
    • Removed the power reduction.
  • New Skill - "Essay of Flame" – Level 50
    • Applies a tier 3 "Writ of Flame". This skill has a high power cost, a 60 second cooldown, and requires 6 Battle Attunement. There is a 6 second induction
  • "Wrath of Fire" 4 Trait Set Bonus changes
    • Increased resistance penetration
    • Reduced induction time on Essay of Flame to 1.5 seconds
  • "Scathing Retort" has had its debuff reworked. It will now linger on a foe for an amount of time based on how long you channel for.
  • "Writ of Flame" will no longer occasionally become resisted and dispel on tier up or down (same for Writ of Cold)
  • "Frost-Burn" will no longer decrease the damage on "Writ of Flame."
  • New Skill - "Master of Writs" – Level 40
    • For the next 15 seconds Writs may be cast regardless of attunement.
    • Writs will cost 50% additional Power.
    • The skill has a 15 second cooldown.
    • Neutral Attunement.
    • New Chisel can reduce the penalty to as low as 20%
  • "Words of Grace" 4 Trait Set Bonus
    • -5% threat generation (from all sources)
    • Master of Writs becomes a toggle skill
  • "Terse Narrative" will no longer applies Prelude to Hope. It now places a short duration buff on the Rune-keeper that reduces the induction time and power cost of "Epic for the Ages."
  • The following changes have been made to "Mending Verse"
    • Up front healing has been increased
    • Healing over time has been decreased
    • Power cost has been increased
    • Memorial Prose power reduction decreased from 15% to 5%
  • "Writ of Health" has had its power cost decreased
  • The required skill plays for some Rune-keeper healing traits have been reduced
  • "Fall to X" skills would often dispel without dealing their damage when triggered by damage over time effects (like "Writ of Flame") These issues have been fixed.
  • "Weapon of X" can now be used on Soldiers
  • "Icy Discourse" now functions properly when interacting with DoTs
  • The revive buff for "Do Not Fall This Day" will now be placed immediately upon clicking the skill, as opposed to after the animation plays


  • The Warden's now have a new skill at level 47, Never Surrender. This skill can only be used after a defeat. It will transfer 20% of the total threat from each Fellowship member to the Warden. The skill causes the Warden to lose all but one additional pulse of Warden HoT's, plus lock out all of the Warden's skills that add two gambit icons for the next 5 minutes.
  • Warden's Legendary Gambit, “Defiant Challenge”, now recieves the appropriate power cost reduction from Fist Carvings.

The Ettenmoors(PvMP)

  • We have resolved many of the issues related to the “Disappear” skill.These changes mirror those made to the burglar skill, "Hide in plain sight."
  • NPCs should no longer stop combat when crossing server boundaries in the Ettenmoors.
  • The Warleader's “Purge” skill can now be used while Dazed or Stunned.
  • Monsterplayer food effects have been converted to In-combat Morale and Power Regens. Additionally, all of the food effects now appear on a single buff icon.
  • Haz, Defensive Potions Trader, has an new potion for sale. Five (5) “Phials of Akulhun's Fury” can be purchased for 20 Dull Spirit Stones. This preventitive potion can be used out of combat and it provides 10 seconds of crowd control immunity.
  • Population requirements for Ranger session play have been reduced to allow the session to trigger more often.
  • The Quest Guide now works with the majority of monsterplay quests. Quests that require PvMP combat have been excluded as those battles can occur anywhere!
  • The “defeat” failure state has been removed from the initial Creep travel quests.
  • The Weaver skill, “Venomous Haze” only works on skills with a range of 15m or more. This effect no longer reduces the range of Burglar Tricks, but now reduces the range of the Burglar's “Reveal Weakness”, “Diversion”, and “Burglar's Antidode”, and the Minstrels “Anthem of Valar” and “Anthem of the Wizards”
  • Caragdal, no longer wanders. This will allow players to turn in the quest more easily.
  • Mash - Quest can now be completed.


  • Soldiers with auras (Herbalist, Bannerguard) will now buff player pets and other Soldiers.
  • The timer on the quest tracker for the Barrow Downs survival skirmish will no longer be cut off in the UI.
  • The letter sent as part of the quest, “Reporting In” is now only sent once.

Rescue in Nurz Gashu:

  • Fixed a case that would cause the Caerog optional to not activate

Raids & Instances

  • Fixed the extreme damage some bosses were doing:
    • The Rift: Barz & Fruz
    • Book 13: Mordrambor
    • Broken Stairs: Glothrok the Vile
  • Players who were in the encounter and in the fellowship, but were linkdead when an encounter chest's loot assignment rights were determined are now allowed to loot the chest when they get back in.
  • Orcs killed in Fil Gashan will now count towards the quest, “Lothlórien Preparations II.”
  • DG Tower: The Fellbeast's breath will now do ~1700-~2400 damage (unmitigated)

Eregion: School

  • Fixed a location where Thurgtark had combat difficulty

Great Barrow: Maze

  • Updated the completion deed to reference the correct quest.

Library at Tham Mirdain

  • Removed daze skill from Unudhu


  • The sections of Haudh Iarcith now have unique names

Garth Agarwen: Rings of Rhudaur

  • Updated quest guide to focus on the dungeon not the south


  • Fixed a quest location
  • Stagnant Oaks now reset upon wiping
  • Challenge quest fails upon resetting the final boss

Helegrod: Dragon Wing

  • Gates reopen upon defeating Thorog

Helegrod: Spider Wing

  • The summoned spiders from the queens now have ranged attacks

Great Barrow: Sambrog

  • Fellspirits will no longer target themselves with their healing skill


  • All chests are using the raid template, increasing their rot time to several hours

Garth Agarwen: Barrows

  • Challenge now fails when one of the two split wights dies

Carn Dum

  • Lozudurkh no longer counts towards Brutes from the North

The Water Wheels: Nala-dum

  • Caerlug will no longer reset if any player in fellowship leaves the boss area after successfully completing the dungeon.

Enedwaith– Thror’s Coomb

  • Quest: The Trail Ends: When a prisoner is released, the door is now deleted so that you will no longer accidentally use a key on an unlocked door.

Angmar - Carn Dum - Castle of the Witch King

  • The boss, Mormoz, can no longer pulled out of room.

Enedwaith - Lich Bluffs

  • Quest: Darkness Revealed - Iarganir will now be an NPC until the player enters the room.

Legendary Items

  • Fused Relics will now stack to 25, the same as all other relics.


  • Consignment quests have finally gone the way of the dodo after long internal deliberation. The general issue is that they were always problematic in their technical implementation and utililty in the game. More importantly their effective role in the crafting economy is fulfilled in a more dynamic fashion by the auction house and/or adventuring.


  • A new fish food recipe is now available for Superior Cooks! You can find the Roasted Carp recipe for sale at an Expert Cook vendor near you.
  • New pet food recipes are now available from Novice/Expert Cook vendors, as well as Lore-master trainers.


  • New class items are available! The following recipes are available from Novice/Expert Scholar vendors, as well as the appropriate class trainers.
    • Captain Battle Tonic
    • Champion Potion of Fervour
    • Guardian Overpower Tactics
    • Hunter Potion of Focus
    • Minstrel Sheet Music


  • New class items are available! The following recipes are available from Novice/Expert Waeponsmith vendors, as well as the appropriate class trainers.
    • Burglar Throwing Hatchet
    • Burglar Serrated Knife
  • Corrected the names of the following crafted throwing axes:
    • Shining Steel Throwing Axe
    • Fine Gondorian Throwing Axe
  • Corrected the quality levels and minimum level requirements for all existing crafted thrown weapons.


  • New class items are available! The following recipes are available from Novice/Expert Woodworker vendors, as well as the appropriate class trainers.
    • Captain Blazoned Emblem
    • Rune-keeper Dagor Infused Parchment
    • Rune-keeper Nestad Infused Parchment
    • Warden Battle Hymn
  • Adjusted the stats on the Heavy Yew Javelin of Precision to differentiate it from the Heavy Yew Javelin of Speed.
  • Corrected the names of the following recipes as they appear in the crafting panel
    • Golden Wood Javelin
    • Golden Wood Club
    • Golden Wood Great Club


  • All existing Lore-master amulet recipes have been converted to produce new skill-granting Lore-master talismans. Brand new multi-output Lore-master talisman recipes can now be found in treasure.
  • The Apprentice recipe for Bronze Ingots and the Supreme recipe for Khazad-bronze Ingots were incorrectly producing quantities of 6 on a critical success. These recipes have been changed to produce quantities of 4 on critical success.


  • Fixed the names of the following recipes:
    • Outrider's Shoes Recipe
    • Reinforced Sturdy Leather Shoes Recipe
    • Heavy Skirmisher's Shoes Recipe
    • Protector's Shoes Recipe
    • Superb Campaigner's Shoes Recipe

Destiny Point Perks

  • A new 'Curing' perk and perk category have been added. These new perks will completely remove wounds, diseases, poisons, and fear with some restrictions. The LOTRO Store will also have an equivalent item that only works out of combat.
  • Destiny Point costs have been lowered on some of the XP perks and new XP perks have been added. The new perks are tiered like so:
    • Lasting Competence: 25% monster kill XP for 1 hour 30 minutes + 10% item XP bonus
    • Enduring Experience: Lesser: 10% monster kill XP for 3 hours + 5% item XP bonus
    • Enduring Experience: Minor: 10% monster kill XP for 6 hours + 5% item XP bonus
    • Eduring Experience: Moderate: 20% monster kill XP for 3 hours + 5% item XP bonus
    • Eduring Experience: Major: 20% monster kill XP for 6 hours + 5% item XP bonus
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