Names In Middle Earth

Quick Guide

Names in Middle-Eartth

by SiSL

Names in Middle-Earth

If you are interested in knowing some basics of names of places you visit like "Nan Warthen? Ost guruth?" etc., this guide will help you. SiSL compiled some of most used naming references from various sources like Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings dictionaries. Those are used in Quenya & Sindarin names...

Note: Some names in game and this list can be fictional beyond the books but only ingame.


  • Adan: Man (plural, Edain eg. Dúnedain)
  • aduial: evening, twilight (Parth Aduial)
  • Aelin: Lake, Pool (eg. Aelin-uial)
  • agar: blood (Garth Agarwen)
  • Amon: Hill (Amon Sûl âWeathertopâ) plural. Emyn
  • Amlug: dragon (Nan Amlug West/East)
  • An(d) : Long (Anduin, Anfalas)
  • Ang: iron (Angmar)
  • Annon: Gate or passage (Sirannon)
  • Annûn: sunset, west (Tyl Annun)
  • Ar(a) : Royal, noble, Pristine (Argonath, Arnor)
  • Ascar: rushing, violent (Tol Ascarnen)


  • Balch: cruel (Imlad Balchorth)
  • Bar: Home, settlement (Dimbar, Eldemar)
  • Barad : Tower (Barad-dûr)
  • Beleg: Powerful, Strong (eg. Belegost, Beleg)
  • Brui: loud, noisy (Bruinen)


  • Calen/galen: green
  • Car : Red (Carnen, Carchost)
  • Celeb: Silver (Celeborn, Celebrant)
  • Celon: River (Celondim)
  • Cirith: Mountain Pass (Cirith Ungol, Cirith Imladris)


  • Dae: Shadow (Dor Deadeloth)
  • Dagor: War
  • Dîn: Silent (Amon Din, Dor-Dinen)
  • Dol: Top of the Hill, Headland (Dol Guldur)
  • Dor: Land, Country (Eriador, Gondor)
  • Draug: Wolf (Drauglin, Drauglad)
  • Duin: (long) river (Anduin)
  • Dú: Night
  • Dûr: Dark (Barad-dûr)
  • Dún: West (Dúnedain)


  • Ãar: Sea
  • Echad: Camp (Echad Garthadir)
  • Ãdain: Race of Man
  • Edhel: Elf
  • El: Star
  • Ered: Mountain Range (Ered Luin)
  • Ereg: Thorn (Eregion, Region)
  • Estel: Hope (Esteldin)


  • Falas: Lands by the Sea (Anfalas, Belfalas)
  • Fin: Hair (Glorfindel)
  • For: North (Fornost, Forochel)


  • Garth: Fortress (Urugarth)
  • Gul: Magic, Sorcery (Dol Guldur, Minas Morgul)
  • Girith: Shuddering, Horror (Nen Girith)
  • Glan: border (Glan Vraig)
  • Glir: Sing / Song (Glirost)
  • Gond: Stone, Rock (Gondolin, Gondor)
  • Gurth: Death (Gurthang)
  • gwind: (pale) blue (Gwindeth)


  • Har: South (Haradwaith, Harad)
  • Haudh: Mound (Haudh-en-Arwen)
  • Heleg: Ice (Helegrod)
  • Hith: Mist
  • Hoth: Herd, Hord (Almost always for evil) (eg. Loss(ho)oth â Forochelâs Snowmen)


  • iath: Fence (Doriath, Osgiliath)
  • imlad: valley (Imlad Balchorth, Imladris)


  • Kal (Gal-): Shining (Gil Galad, Galadriel)


  • Lad: Plain, valley
  • Laer: song or summer
  • Lin: pool (Lin Giliath)
  • Lith: Ash (Fauglith, Ered Lithui)
  • Loeg: pools of a marsh (Harloeg)
  • Lond: Harbour
  • Loth: Flower (Lothlorien)
  • Luin/Lun: blue (Ered Luin)


  • Maur: Gloom (Agamaur)
  • Men: Road, way (Men Erain)
  • Menel: heaven(s) (Menelband)
  • Minas: Tower (Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul, Annuminas)
  • Mith: Gray (Mithrandir, Mithril)
  • Mor: Black (Mordor, Minas Morgul, Morgoth)


  • Nan: Valley (Nan Warthren, Nan Curunir)
  • Nár: Fire (Narsil, Narchost)
  • Naug: Dwarf
  • Nen: Water (Lake Nenuial, Nen Girith)
  • Nor: Land , Country (Arnor)


  • Orod: Mountain (plural Ered) (Orodruin, Ered Luin)
  • Orn: Tree (Fangorn, Celeborn)
  • Ost: Fortress, (Os(t)gilliath, Ost Guruth)


  • Per: Half (Peredhil)


  • Ram: Wall (Andram, Rammas Echor)
  • Ras: Horn (landscape) (Barad Nimras, Caradhras â Crimson Horn
  • Rant: (on rivers) direction (Celebrant)
  • Rath: course/pass (Rath Teraig)
  • Rhûn: east (Sea of Rhûn)
  • Ril: Shining, Glooming (Mithril, Anduril)
  • Rim: Horde, Army in large number (Golodhrim, Rohirrim)
  • Roch: Horse (Rochan â Rohan, land of Horses)
  • Rond: Arched Roof (Domed Cave)


  • Sarn: (small) Stone (Sarnur, Sarn Ford)
  • Sûl: Wind (Amon Sûl â Weathertop)


  • Talath: Flat surface, plane, (wide) valley (Talath Gaun, Talath Dirnen)
  • Taur: forest (Taur Gonwaith)
  • Tham: hall, chamber
  • Thang: Compulsion, duress, oppression (Durthang â A Fortress in mordor)
  • Thoron: Eagle (Thorongil)
  • Tol: Island (Tol Galen) (plural Tyl / Tyll)
  • Tûm: Deep Valley (Tûm Fuin)
  • Tyrn: Downs (Tyrn Gorthad - The Barrow Downs)
  • Tyl: Islands


  • Uial: Twilight (Emyn Uial)


  • Wen: Maiden (Arwen, Eärwen, Morwen)

Forochel Special:

Thanks to Berephon, explained names in Forochel will be following and based on Finnish:

  • Talvi-Mûri: Winter Wall
  • Länsi-Mâ: West lands
  • Itä-Mâ : East Lands
  • Jä-Kuru: Ice-Canyon
  • Jä-Rannit: Ice-Shores