Mood emotes

In The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ (LOTRO), you can actually tell what character really means by looking at its facial expressions. LOTRO's /mood emotes offer a way to bring even more life to your character. Mood emotes are "persistent", meaning they will remain in effect indefinitely until the player performs another mood emotes.

Here is the current list of LOTRO's mood emotes:

* /mood_angry

* /mood_apprehensive

* /mood_calm

* /mood_confused
* /mood_fearful
* /mood_happy
* /mood_mischievous
* /mood_sad
* /mood_sleepy
* /mood_solemn
* /mood_surprised

You can use these by typing the appropriate "slash command" in the chat window, or by accessing the full emote list via the small gold "chat bubble" icon on the bottom left of your chat window.

Mood Emotes

Mood Emotes

Mood Emotes