Lotro Run Speed Guide

Run Speed

When you start your journey through Middle Earth you will find out that your feet are the most common way for wandering around. A little help you can get from your friends Hunter or Captain which weâve discussed in our Transportation Guide.This time we would like to talk about different buffs, perks, armour and items which role is to increase your run speed.

Run Speed Buffs

  • Captains get a brief, fast speed buff for escaping danger at level 8.
  • Hunters gain a 15% out-of-combat speed buff, which applies to their whole fellowship if close enough at level 14. (Find the Path)
  • Wardens get a 25% out-of-combat speed buff at level 14.
  • Champions get a 125% speed buff for 15 seconds on a 5 minute cooldown at level 28.
  • Guardians get a trait that grants 5% increased movement speed while equipped.

Run Speed Perks

After level 10, your character earns Destiny Points that you can spend on special perks.
At level 10 some of perks grants a flat bonus to your run speed:

  • Burst: Lasts 5 minutes, costs 50 DP
  • Sustained: Lasts 15 minutes, costs 250 DP
  • Continuing: Lasts 30 minutes, costs 1,000 DP

Run Speed Armour

Run Speed Items

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