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Tips for Library of Steel

I figured out a way I can beat them without using any emergency skills. I was using the Protector build at the time and had been going into the instance repeatedly just to farm it, thinking I'd never be able to finish it.

What I do now regardless of build is the same:

- kill the two mobs close to the entrance
- kill the stationary mob in the middle
- kill one (or both) of the mobs to the side of him. Whether I kill one or both depends on my time.
- start killing the mobs behind the dead stationary dude. These are the mobs close to the stairs. I think there are around 4 of them that roam around. I've found clearing these mobs to be crucial since I need to be able to run up and down the stairs without interference to kill any grim that spawn.
- once I have a path to the back (I've purposefully ignored the ones that spawn the grim) I run upstairs to kill any grim up there. Usually I have to kill a few non-grim mobs in the process.
- I stay upstairs and kill more mobs until there are several more grim downstairs. Then it's back down the steps to finish up all mobs on the first level, including the summoners.
- when the first floor is clear, back upstairs I go.

While I'm doing all of this I'm constantly tabbing around looking for more grim to kill. I can usually kill them with one ballad. Having sound on helps tremendously since I can hear the grim moving around.

I don't think I've ever finished the first floor entirely before going upstairs. Well, I've tried doing that but always failed the quest. Clearing out a path between the two floors is crucial for me to finish the quest. Others might have better solutions though.

On a side note I always eat food beforehand as it lets me spend less time waiting for power to regen.

by elderlygamer

Soothe the entrance mobs. They exist to make you lose the instance, to slow you down and get 2-3 grims behind. I slip past these and go left, and take out the two patrollers there and that summoner.

Next, go across the back and get the patrollers and summoner on the other side. Leave the guy in the middle. Any grim you see, hit with a ballad to 1-shot it.... our long range here really helps to recover some time that is lost in combat.

There is no good way around killing the two guys in the bookshelves on the way upstairs though. You need to come back to kill a grim or 2 so soothe past them or kill 1 is risky.

After this, you have the 2 guys who wander up and over the stairs. If you can find them and go the other way without a fight, you can wipe the place easily. If you get stuck killing all 4 of these (the 2 in the books and the two pats) your best hope is to backtrack in hopes of killing a couple of grims.

If you got this far, zerg up a side and wipe out grims, then kill the warrior and finally a summoner, then finish up the other side and your done. After doing this a few times, you have about a 75% chance to pull it off, as the first soothe can fail or things can just go wrong. With a feign death move, you can up the odds but I play it safe and reset it if things get out of hand.

by forusrname

Once you kill the summoners the grims stop spawning.

Kill the front two.
Shimmy left/right and kill the summoner and his pathing buddy.
Shimmy to opposite side, kill the summoner and his pathing buddy.
dont waste your time with the two pathers and the stationary in the middle. dont waste your time with the bookcase stationaries.
Train up stairs FD.
Kill grims, pather, summoner. (All at once if your built correctly)
Back down stairs and up the opposite side (hug the wall)
Kill the two pathers. Usually pathing together at this point.
Kill the grims, pather, summoner. look no more grims.
Kill boss. stone. clean up downstairs.
There should be 5 mobs left downstairs that you didnt kill.

This can be accomplished in all three builds (60). Of course 5/7 WS + call to war is the way to go.

by weedroy