Lotro Craft Xp Token

Craft XP Token

Those who were affected by the crafting XP issue should begin seeing an item in your mail boxes over the next several days. It is very important you understand what this item will and will not do.

The item is single use and will advance your crafting XP one full level. This will only apply to a proficiency level not a mastery level. For example it will advance you through Journeyman level but not Master Journeyman. The item will not advance any crafting past Tier 5 and does not apply to any Tier 6 level crafts you may have. Be aware of this limitation when using your item as we cannot replace any item once used.

A Craft XP Token is a special item that is being distributed to players whose crafting proficiencies may have been affected.  The token will be sent via in-game mail only to the players who may have had this issue based on our logs. Please refrain from submitting tickets regarding this issue as we will only be able to assist those who appear in our logs.  Tokens are being sent to affected players from December 15, 2008 to December 27, 2008. If your affected character has not received the token yet, please be patient.

Please be aware that you must log into the affected character and detatch the Craft XP Token from the mail in order to obtain it. The email that includes the Craft XP Token follows the standard email mechanics, Mail Expires! Unopened mail lasts for 15 days, after which it gets returned to the original sender.Opened mail lasts for 2 days, after which it is deleted.  In-Game Support will not resend the mail if it expires.

Additional information:

  • This is a one time use item that will complete any proficiency tiers that the character has open.
  • Item is bind-on-acquire so it canât be traded.
  • Item is not sellable.
  • Item is not able to be deleted or destroyed by the player.
  • Item is consumed when used.
  • Item does not complete Tier 6 proficiencies.
  • The item will become unusable on 2/1/2009. Please make sure to redeem the token before this date, or the item will be permanently unusable.

In the event that you have reached Tier 5 proficiency, the item will be consumed and no Crafting XP will be granted.  This is working as intended and the item will not be reimbursed.