Thorin’s Hall

Thorin's Hall is a reputation faction located in Thorin's Hall.

Level Items Deeds Quests
Dourhand Crest - quest [46] Dourhand Crests - Introduction (Most Dourhand dwarves in Sarnúr, south of Thorin's, west of Noglong in the Ruins of Orodost)

First Age Relic , quest [46] First Age Relics - Introduction (ability to turn-in once you achieve acquaintance status ) , Dourhand dwarves in Sarnúr (Ered Luin), Dourhand dwarves, Blue-crag Orcs and Snow-trolls in Länsi-mâ (Forochel)

[46] Master of Beasts

[46] Master of Beasts (Advanced)

[46] Betrayer’s Bane

[46] Betrayer’s Bane (Advanced)
[46] Troll-kicker
[46] Troll-kicker (Advanced)

[49] Avenger of Sarnúr

Orcs and Goblins in Lone Lands (+8 rep)

Seeking Glory
Several quests in North Downs, eastern Nan Amlug, Othrikar, and the Misty Mountains, Iorvinas quests
- Lone lands, Daily Sarnur quests
Vol 1, Book 5

Craft Item Quests
Dwarf-rings - Introduction
Dwarf-jewels - Introduction
Dwarf-necklace - Introduction