The Eglain

The Eglain is new reputation faction located in the Lone-lands at Ost Guruth. This faction sells pocket items for different classes.

Level MOB Rep Gains Quests
Orcs, Goblins, Wights in Lone Lands (+8 rep)

Iorvinas mobs

Lone lands quests,

Vol 1 Book 2,


  • Acquaintance:

    • Title: Known to the Eglain
    • Pocket items:
      Name Stats Info
      Battle-caller's Symbol +5 Might
      +5 Vitality
      +66 Parry Rating
      Gallant's Symbol +5 Might
      +5 Agility
      +5 Vitality
      +14 Maximum Morale
      Provider's Symbol +5 Agility
      +5 Vitality
      +66 Parry Rating
      Rune-carver's Symbol +5 Will
      +9 Fate
      +37.8 in-Combat Power Regen
      Shadow-walker's Symbol +26 Parry Rating
      +26 Evade Rating
      +5 Agility
      +1 Stealth Level
      Stone-speaker's Symbol +9 Fate
      +9 Will
      +37.8 in-Combat Power Regen
      Tale-spinner's Symbol +5 Will
      +5 Fate
      +5 Vitality
      +14 Maximum Morale
      Warden's Symbol +7 Might
      +26 Parry Rating
      +26 Evade Rating
      +26 Block Rating
      Warrior's Symbol +5 Might
      +5 Agility
      +240 Melee Defence Rating
  • Friend:

    • A jewelry set
    • Travel Discount 10%
  • Ally:

    • Vendor Discount 5%
  • Kindred:

    • Return to Ost Guruth skill
    • Sage of the Eglain Set - Sage's Golden Band, Sage's Golden Circle
    • Defender of the Eglain Set- Defender's Golden Band, Defender's Golden Band

One Response to The Eglain

  1. avatar ElsieSisler says:

    i like to do quest alone and love to get that horse that u get when u finish rep’s but in the low lands it hard to do alone to get kindreds from so why don’t it have things that we can get to use for rep as all the others places does love the game though i been playing for many years now thank u