Rangers of Esteldin

Rangers of Esteldin is a reputation faction located in Esteldin, east end of Esteldin, near the crafting hall.

Level Items MOB Rep Gains Quests
Orc Battle Medallion from Orcs in Dol-Dinen
Orc Campaign Medallion
War-master Lash
Fornost creatures giving 8-15 rep per mob Esteldin Quests
Vol 1, Bk 3

Reputation Drop Quests
Orc Battle-medallions
Orc Campaign-medallions

War-master's Lash

Craft Item Quests
Ranger's Sash 300 points per 5 sashes
Ranger's Cloak 500 points per 5 cloaks
Tapestry of Deeds 700 points per 1 tapestry

Note: Craft results are Bind on Aquire.