Grey Company

This faction is located in Enedwaith.

Level Items MOB Rep Gains Quests

Enedwaith quests
Vol 3, Bk 2 epic

Daily repeatable quests
An Outstretched Hand (Echad Saeradan, Talk to several NPCs)
Black Flames (Echad Dagoras, Collect torches)
Midnight Hunters (Echad Dagoras, Kill Shadow-wolves)
Uniformity (Echad Dagoras, Kill Deserters)


  • Acquaintance:

  • Friend:

    • Guide to Harndirion
    • Muster in Harndirion
  • Ally:

    • Grant Jump Emote
  • Kindred:

    • Grey Company Steed
    • Grant Golf Drive Emote
    • Pockets