Lothlorien Armour

New Lothlorien Armour

The most recent and interesting news from the Lord of the Rings Online test server Bullroarer are new crafting jewelry and armour. New craftables are from Lothlorien Vineyards. Our first attention was directed towards new Lothlorien jewelry, and now it's time to take a sneak peak at new light, medium and heavy armour. The credit goes to jayspeed for all screenshots.

Light Armour (Resplendent Armour of Lothlorien)

Resplendent Gloves Of Lothlorien

Resplendent Hat Of Lothlorien

Resplendent Leggings Of Lothlorien

Resplendent Robe Of Lothlorien

Resplendent Shoes Of Lothlorien

Resplendent Shoulder Pads Of Lothlorien

Medium Armour(August Armour of the Golden Wood)

August Boots Of The Golden Wood

August Coat Of The Golden Wood

August Gauntlets Of The Golden Wood

August Helm Of The Golden Wood

August Leggings Of The Golden Wood

August Shoulder Pads Of The Golden Wood

Heavy Armour (Glorious Armour of the Galadhrim)

Glorious Boots Of The Galadhrim

Glorious Gauntlets Of The Galadhrim

Glorious Hauberk Of The Galadhrim

Glorious Helmet Of The Galadhrim

Glorious Leggings Of The Galadhrim

Glorious Pauldrons Of The Galadhrim