Legendary Items

Legendary Items


Legendary Items

The Mines of Moria expansion introduced Legendary Items into The Lord of the Rings Online. Legendary items advance by earning experience points. As you level, your legendary item can level as well. Legendary items can be reforged into more powerful versions of themselves as they progress.

Legendary items are found either through a chests at the completion of an instance or randomly off sentient monsters. Initially they are only identified as legendary items and the class and type of item. For example you may come across the Minstrelâs Dagger of the Third Age. Initially you will only be able to discern a few facts about the item such as DPS and any inherent bonus for the item type (e.g. the critical bonus common to all daggers).

Taking the item to a Forge master will reveal more information including the itemâs unique legacies and bonuses unique to that item. Legacies can be increased and become more powerful as you level your Legendary item. Identifying the item also allows you to slot it in your item panel. From here you can see the current level of your item, itâs experience bar, legacies, and any relics you have available and those currently attached to the weapon. You can have up to six active legendary items slotted at once.

Every ten levels your legendary item will stop earning levels and its advancement bar will turn yellow and say âReforgeâ. You must take the item back to the Forge Master to be reforge before it can gain any additional levels. Once reforged, any XP that had been earned after the bar turned yellow will be applied to the item. When reforging a legendary item the Forge Master can refund any legacy points you have spent or unslot any relics you have put in the item. Legendary items must be renamed before they can be reforged. A result window will open when the Forge Master has finished reforging the item. Here youâll see any new legacies or improvements to exisiting legacies revealed by the reforging. Once the item reaches its maximum level the itemâs XP bar will turn red and you will be unable to advance that item.

Legendary items can be traded and sold if you have not slotted them and begun to level them. Once slotted, the item is bound to you and cannot be sold, traded, or destroyed. However, it can be deconstructed. Any Legendary Item can be deconstructed, even items you do not want or need can be broken down into relics to slot into other legendary items. All legendary items can be deconstructed; even bound items. Higher level items will give the best results.

After deconstructing, you will receive relics which you can then set in other legendary items. You may also receive special items that can apply a certain amount of XP to another item. Up to 50% of the deconstructed itemâs XP can be transferred in this manner. The actual amount is random.

Some quests in Eregion and Moria have rewards which give titles to your legendary item. These scrolls can also change the damage type of your weapon or add extra skills or extra damage buffs against specific monster types. Only one type of title can be applied to a weapon at a time. Scrolls are consumed on use.