Hall Of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors Instance Tips

by Ragnborg

Warg boss:

Each Warg Matron will apply a corruption that when it expires results in a massive AoE heal. If you remove the corruption before it expires, there will be no heal, and they do not need to be separated. Here is the strat we use.
Assign one player to each warg to remove corruption, you can even do it with a guardian as 10 seconds is enough time. Assign one of the players (tank usually), as target assist. Pull the 2 wargs away from the boss. We like to stand in the area just inside the doorway to the right in the light. Shortly after pulling, the wargs will apply their corruption. Have each player watch their warg for the corruption, as soon as they see it, they should remove it. After the corruptions are removed, have the non-tank player switch targets and burn down the warg on the target assist. You should be able to kill the first warg before the the second warg reapplies his corruption. If you are light on DPS, have secondary player recheck his warg after about 20 seconds for another corruption. After first warg is dead, kill the second watching for the corruption. Then get ready to kill the boss. He puts a bad wound on, so make sure you are ready to pot it off immediately if you do not have a LM. Besides the wound, the boss is tank and spank.


Iâve seen a few players have problems with the bats. The swarming bats summon little adds that can make the fight difficult. However, it is a lot easier than it first appears. Just concentrate on killing the swarming bat and the adds disappear when it dies. So any encounter with swarming bats, priority should be killing it before anything else. Target assist is useful here as well.


Once you start combat with them, you have 45 seconds to kill them or they start hitting really hard and you will wipe. When you have mistress, always just concentrate on taking it down ASAP at all costs.
Tip: there's one mirror at the end of the long vertical drop, the one just before the end puzzle. There is a mistress that patrols there.
I'm not exactly sure how this works, but if I remember correctly, if she is fought in the light, you will get that message that she has corrupted the mirror and the defiler will spawn.
Someone told me that if this happens, you fail Hard Mode.
She's actually even simpler than that. When you get into this room, she begins walking toward the mirror from the far side (the chest side). If you get to her so that she stops walking to threaten _before_ she gets near the mirror, and then fight her back from the mirror so she never moves close to it, the defiler will never be summoned. Put even more simply: get to her before she gets to the mirror, and no defiler!

End Mirror puzzle:

I will not give the puzzle, as that is kind of hard to explain here, but the trick is to kill the mistress as soon as possible down there. As the Mistress paths past mirrors, she spawns the defilers. The quicker you kill the mistress (~2 minute spawn timer) the fewer defilers you have to deal with. Usually we have one person set mirrors and have 2 players down on the platform waiting for the mistress to spawn. Once she does we call it out and the mirror guy comes down to help dps. Another thing to keep in mind is that the defilers put a corruption on themselves that mitigates 90% of damage (little bats swarm around them), so obviously getting the corruption off of them speeds up killing them a lot. Another interesting tidbit is if you are fighting the mistress close to a mirror and you kill the defiler near that mirror, he will just respawn immediately, so always just concentrate on the mistress.

Last Boss:

The boss will alternate between being attackable and not attackable every, I donât know maybe 30 seconds or so. When she is not attackable, she will call all the adds around the ring to attack you. The trick is to kill all of the adds except 1 of each type (there are 4). As long as there is 1 of each, YOU WILL NOT lose hard mode. We always mark one of each to make it easy to know what not to kill. You can even mark them from above before you start the encounter, though it is tricky targeting them sometimes. Once you get down to four, it is easy to kite them around without taking hardly any damage and gives you chance heal up and stuff. At this point you really have to concentrate on dps, because after each round she will often heal herself for ~8-10k or something like that. She doesnât do it every time, but I am currently unaware if there is any way to stop it other than chance. It may take several rounds to get over the hump, but with only 3 adds chasing you around (1 on the sidelines), you can keep going almost indefinitely untill you finally get past it or she doesnât heal. If there is a trick to stopping the heal, someone please let me know what it is.

First couple rounds are probably the toughest, the healer will probably have agro, kite the best you can while the dps peels off a couple to kill each round. Each round gets easier, as there are less mobs to kite. If you don't have agro just try to kill a couple before the round is over.

Tip: For the last boss, I believe one type of her adds heals her. (the casters)
I only ran this two times with Burg, Min and Guard, but I always interrupted the caster mobs, then started kiting and I never noticed a heal.
I was the burg and I would addle one, stun one, then mez another. That would leave one left casting which we would kill. (Rinse and repeat until there is just one left to interrupt)

One tip: Last I knew, Guardian corruption removal was bugged. If the Guard hits Sting again before the 10-second countdown has expired, the 10-second countdown starts over again. So basically, if you spam Sting, corruptions will not be removed. The Guardian needs to use Sting to apply the corruption removal, then wait until it actually goes off and removes the corruption before hitting Sting again.

I learned this the hard way after spending a very long time with a Guard/Guard/Hunter group trying and failing to remove the corruptions. Had we known, I have no doubt we would have killed them easily.





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