Gurvand Hard Mode Walkthrough

Gurvand 2.0 Hard Mode Lotro Walkthrough

by carnagejokers

Gurvand is a nice challenge now and even the raiding kins have to bring their (A) game to the fight. I'm sure there are many ways to beat Gurvand to a bloody pulp, but I'm just going to post the way my fellow kinsmen in Animus and I fight him. Gurvand is 63 level Nemesis (Ancient Evil).

Suggested classes:

Guardian = Tanking (shocking I know)

Champion = Clobbers and back up tank

Captain = Healing

Burg = Green CJs

DPS class

Healing class

Your Guardian, Captain, and Healer will spend the entire fight with the goal of keeping the tank alive.
The Champion, Burg, and DPS class will spend the fight switching back and forth between Gurvand and the adds.

Fight Mechanics:

Every minute Gurvand will stack a nasty Debuff on you. (+20% Incomming Damage) After a while your healers will start having a problem keeping your tank up.

The whole fight is in the dark. It slows your running speed and your skills. Using this strategy you shouldn't be running around so you won't notice the run speed decrease. It will slow your healers down quite a bit. So, you should bring some morale pots since they will be focusing on the tank.

Reflect Buff: During the fight Gurvand will get a reflect buff. (It no longer looks like a question mark) It is purple with a shadow in it. When you see the reflect buff, don't hit Gurvand or you will take heavy damage. Your Champion should still clobber.

Adds: 4 Overseers will be waiting at the begining of the fight in the 4 corners. They are ranged and have around 3k morale. They have a very quick respawn. They do not dot that much damage.

The Fight:

  • Step 1 = Start the fight and run to the left and behind the pillar and start smacking Gurvand around. (Don't turn on the pillar light...or you'll lose HM) By standing behind the pillar you do two things. First, if everyone is behind the pillar the adds will run in close to you. This way you don't waste time running back and forth through the dark. Another good thing about the pillar position is this keeps the tank's back to the wall. With the Champ grinding on adds he may miss a few clobbers and this will prevent your tank from being knocked off of the cliff.
  • Step 2 = While the Captain, Guardian, and Healer stabalize on Gurvand the others need to take down the 4 adds.
  • Step 3 = Once the adds are down. Everyone should be on Gurvand...watching for his reflect and clobbering his inductions. Burg CJs should be saved for emergencies in order to heal the entire fellowship.
  • Step 4 = The adds will start respawning quickly. The real trick to this fight is knowing when to fight them and when to let them hit on you. If you try to take down the adds immediatly when they respawn you will find yourself getting no time to DPS Gurvand due to his reflect buff. What you want to do is DPS Gurvand when you can. When his reflect buff turns on, you should use that time to DPS the adds. Obviously the adds will go after your captain or healer and you need to prevent that in order for this to work. Have your Champion drop Raging Blades to grab agro. Engrage, taunts, etc should be used as needed.
  • Step 5 = Soon you will find that your increased damage debuff is at 60%+ and your healers will start to have problems keeping the tank up. At some point your tank will die. This is good. You want this to happen. Have your Champion (knowing in advance of the tanks demise) be ready to taunt Gurvand. Rez your tank. Now the tank's debuff will be reset to zero. Your Guardian grabs threat on Gurvand again. Your healers can now keep your tank up for the rest of the fight.
  • Step 6 = Rinse and repeat.
  • Step 7 = Loot
    1. Bracelet of the Moon
    2. Floral Earring
    3. Gurvand's Head
    4. Maur-targed

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