Dev Chat

Dev Chat Transcript 29.11.2007.

<Meeko007> Is it true that warg players are going to be able to carry orc players on their backs, in stealth, in the PvMP zones in the future?
<Rhidden> Yes, right after we get the Balrog saddles online.
<Rhidden> We don't currently have anything like that in the works, sorry Meeko

<Despairas> What new content can we expect with book 12? Will we get new instances for groups? Or will the new Ettenmoors PVP zone will be the only one?
<Scenario> Book 12 will see heavy focus on character customization and regional polish in Angmar. We are also going to be spending some quality time with Burglars, Guardians and (to a lesser extent) Champions.
<Scenario> Book 12 will see a number of small instances driven by new and polished content in Angmar. The Ettenmoors will see the addition of the Delving of Fror, a new location for players and monsters players to fight for control over.

<Capac> DX10 performance has been tested by HardOCP website...and they concluded that Lotro's performance with DX10 drops significantly, are you planning any further performance improvements to the DX10 code, and if so, when can we expect it?
<Denour_Turbine> Our Core Engineering team has been hard at work on DX10, and continues to toil away to improve the performance and quality of the game under DX10; so in short, yes!

<Luinhenn> Good evening i would like to know if the barber shop will only change the hair of our characters?
<Tens_LOTRO> No. In addition to the hair style of your character, you will also be able to change your hair color, facial hair, and facial details.

<Zionner> Hey guys, EU and US run on totally diffrent servers...but do you guys think it will ever be possible to communicate between servers (if this isnt already in-game) and with the US servers in-game?
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi Zionner! With the way the servers are set up, it's not possible, unfortunately. Each set of servers has its own chat server and there are too many issues to allow them to communicate, from big ones like the tech involved to smaller issues like what happens when there are two or more characters with the same names.

<Provideniya> Im asking about changes made to classes, specially Hunters and Guardians. Do Guardians get some nice skills and whats the situation around hunter, more nerfs or something nice at this time?
<Tens_LOTRO> Yes, Guardians will be getting "some nice skills" in Book 12.
<Tens_LOTRO> Specifically, they will be gaining way of doing additional damage through a stance mechanic, new ways of reducing and repairing your item wear, and abilities to help you direct the tide of the battle in the Ettenmoors.
<Tens_LOTRO> For Hunters, you can expect boosts to all of your melee skills (such as buffs to compliment your ranged abilities), lower costs to crafted traps and oils, and an upgrade to Merciful Shot.
<Tens_LOTRO> We are also looking into ways of addressing DoTs breaking Fear.
<Tens_LOTRO> (So donât throw out your wounding bows just yet!)

<Capac> can you please make a full new download client available (if not already available) which includes ALL the patches/books?
<Satine> Hi Capac, there's currently a new, up to date build going through QA right now I believe which we will make available as a download via all of our usual channels. That will save you downloading the separate patches! It will be up to and including Book 11 content.

<Berndorin> Why is there no mailbox at the Auction Warehouse in Rivendell?
<Scenario> No particular reason. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Though, in Book 12, there will be a mailbox appearing at the Rivendell Auction Hall.
<Scenario> Rhidden says, "Elrond hates you."
<Scenario> (jk)

<Telaran> Do you have some plans to improve the current Interfaces? With the new content (houses, recipes) and maybe the upcoming stuff (who knows what you hide) there is a mess in overview/organisation.
<Denour_Turbine> Talaran: UI is one of those areas we can always improve on. There are some changes coming to the character journal in Book 12 that should make things a little less jumbled. Additionally, we have an internal strategy to help us make more significant improvements to the user interface, but I cant get into any details yet.

<woodelfboy> i think it could be very useful to display shortcut keys on the menu buttons at the bottom left; since keys can be customised, it would be great to know at a glance the corresponding key (its request)
<Denour_Turbine> Woodelfboy: Thats a great idea! I'll file a note about it and get it into our Thunderdome.

<Fredemac> Here's a new one - how about fishing? Tight lines!
<LOTRO_Patience> Yaaaay fishing!

<Tens_LOTRO> Thatâs a great question! Our current plans are to bring Fishing to you in Book 13.
<Tens_LOTRO> It will be the first feature to be introduced under our new "Hobbies" System.
<Tens_LOTRO> Unlike our existing crafting professions, everyone will be able to advance in the Hobbies they are interested in.
<Tens_LOTRO> If you want to catch fish, you can catch fish!
<Tens_LOTRO> Additionally, you can expect additional Hobbies to be introduced in later books (and expansions!).
<Tens_LOTRO> (Painting is my personal favorite, but weâll have to see about that.)

<Grimlo> very often players are bugged with in combat mode during instance... when this bug will be solved ?
<LOTRO_Patience> Hey Grimlo! We fixed a few bugs with players getting stuck in combat mode in the last patch, and there is at least one more fix coming in the next patch, which will be announced shortly.

<Arennor> Will it be possible in a future patch to storage the settings of the User Interface in a file to load it as a Backup or to have the same settings for different characters. Or to load settings for different Monitor settings?
<Denour_Turbine> Arrenor: Alot of those settings are saved away to your preferences.ini file already (things such as graphical settings). Other options are saved away in Gameplay Option Profiles server side. At the moment we dont have any plans on changing the the way our Gameplay Option Profiles function, nor would it be safe to take them from a file on the client.

<Meeko007> Will the barber shop include new hairstyles not available at character creatation? as well as hair colours/facial hair/scar's, etc...? And will you be considering making drops for special hair dyes players then take to the barber to use?
<Tens_LOTRO> There will be will additional hairstyles available in Book 12. Those options will be available through both CharGen and at Barber Shops.
<Tens_LOTRO> Special hair dyes are an interesting idea, but not one that we're planning on implementing in the foreseeable future.

<Zenu>: Hi, I'd like to ask that can we expect to see immunity timers to be implemented to all or most CC effects in ettenmoors since at the moment you don't receive any immunity from burglars riddles or loremasters blinding flashes which both got stun component in them?
<Tens_LOTRO> Thatâs a pretty broad question, but we will be implementing a trailing immunity timer if Perplexing Riddle is broken early.
<Gretchen> "Cosmetics-Armouryslots" (you know what i mean?), are they also available for weapons and shields ?
<Tens_LOTRO> No. You will only be able to cosmetically override your armor and clothing, not implements.
<Tens_LOTRO> Additionally, the Outfit System will be intentionally disabled in the Ettenmoors.
<Tens_LOTRO> For obvious PvP concerns.

<dotfie> whom are alone, and dont wanna spam kinship for help 24/7, it can be a rather pain. Do you have any plans, for making the game more soloable? like saying, heres the FS quests, but MORE normal quests, so either you can do the FS quests, or dont. there will still be enough to level on, and you wont have to grind a level on killing mobs.
<Tens_LOTRO> Soloâability is one of our top priorities for the game, and one the areas that we will be continuing to improve on.
<Tens_LOTRO> For Book 12 you can expect much of Angmar to receive a soloâfication pass with additional solo friendly content coming online in later Books.

<Elestin> Question is, when can we expect to see a raise on the level cap? When will it be raised to 60?
<Satine> Hi Estelin, a raise in the level cap is something we're more likely to see with an actual expansion rather than a Book release.

<Luinhenn> Can we hope having some pretty cosmetic dresses with the book 12, like the one we can see on the daughter of Laerlan in book 11?
<Rhidden> Yes! Cosmetic dresses as well as a variety of other cosmetic outfits are coming online in book 12.

<Dismandia> are there any plans for mounted combat? it can get slightly frustrating having to dismount before firing my arrow at a mob.
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi Dismandia! We're not currently planning anything, but as we move forward in Middle-earth and the LOTR timeline, it would make sense to have mounted combat as we begin working on Rohan.

<Meeko007> Will you consider to implement cosmetic slots that hold special items so our toons can say, hold a mug of ale, or a pipe or pie, but with no stats on them?
<Tens_LOTRO> A mug of ale eh?
<Tens_LOTRO> Sure! Perhaps as early as Book 12...
<Tens_LOTRO> Now, just to be clear, they wonât interact with the Outfit System.
<Rhidden> Spring is a great time of year
<Rhidden> A great time for a festival perhaps
<Tens_LOTRO> But you'll still be able to hold them in your hands.
<Tens_LOTRO> And all that.

<Luinhenn> Considering that a hobbit that don't take his third breakfast in Angmar will slim, could we change our weight too with the barber shop (like the color of the skin with the sun?)
<Denour_Turbine> Barber shops are for hair, not for weight loss, fatty hobbit needs to jog
<Tens_LOTRO> And eat less...
<Denour_Turbine> But... but...
<Denour_Turbine> Third meal!

<Slattz> What are the advances to Monster Play, like the new class, new areas, new quests and keeps to capture?
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi Slattz, there are some great additions to PvMP coming in Book 12, and we'll release more details on those in the coming weeks. We can't give any specific details right now

<jeffers>can we see some changes to craft to further support play, bringing a new aspect in to make the grind and labour to GM more worth it, a similar idea to that of scholars being able to create potions that give you health boosts in combat and lore to help out. maybe the weaponsmith could make somesort of weapon poison or small kits for weapon repairs?
<LOTRO_Patience> Hey jeffer, crafting will indeed get some pretty major improvements in the future, though we're not ready to talk about what they are yet.
<Tens_LOTRO> That said, we are aware that Scholars are currently light on higher end recipes, which is something we're looking in to.

<Dismandia>: I always thought that something pretty much all mmorpg's are missing is the ability of customizing the age and subsequent appearance of a character. Any plans to implement?
<Scenario> The Barber-Shop system certainly allows for us to consider something like that in the future. This is something we can consider for the future but do not have specific plans for it at this time.

<Silvertrigger> are you planing to expand the quest log? i'm constantly struggling to free up one of my 40 quests to make room for new ones
<Tens_LOTRO> You might want to try finishing some of those quests...
<Tens_LOTRO> But your feedback has been duly noted!
<Denour_Turbine> The limit of 40 is actually to keep our servers healthy...
<LOTRO_Patience> You guys could make less quests, you know.
<Denour_Turbine> do you hate our servers... Silvertrigger? Why do you hate our servers..?
<Denour_Turbine> *Cry*
<Tens_LOTRO> *Sad*

<Zionner> Hey guys, I know this used to be asked/discussed back before the game was released, and that points like this is still a long way in the future, has there been anymore ideas passed as to how you are going to do teh large epic battles, such as helms deep ect (Also, again i would like to say i know this is a long way in teh future)
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi Zionner! It's still so far off that I don't think anyone's examined it very closely yet. At least, no one who's here at the chat to answer questions.

<Meeko007> Are you considering to add the Easterlings to the game and if so, please can we have a new toon slot to make one?
<Tens_LOTRO> We have no plans to add Easterlings at this time.

<ben> will there be new land added for books 12, 13 and 14?
<Rhidden> We do not have new lands coming in book 12, but thirteen will have a new region and we have plans for even more in future books
<Scenario> Neat bit of trivia - the region we are currently planning for Book 13 is one that many of the Dev Team (and the World Team in particular) have been wanting to get to for a long time now.

<Nhelh> Could you give an concrete time specifikation about the release of book 12?
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi Nhelh! We don't have a concrete date yet, but Book 12 is just about finished in production and is in QA now. From here it's finding and fixing the bugs so we can release it in good shape.

<Grimlo> what s new concerning burglars ?
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi Grimlo! We'll be releasing more details soon, but I can tell you that burglars are finally getting clubs, a bit of feedback we've been hearing for a long time.

<Gracler>: Why is 99% of all loot worth nothing, or at least worse than crafted stuff? even if you have killed mio of mobs people with good trading skills and money will have the same good armor like yourself
<Tens_LOTRO> While that may be a harsh assessment of 99% of our loot, in Book 12 we will be increasing the stats of many of our middle-level Instance Drops and Quest Rewards to make them on par, if not superior, to their crafted counterparts...
<Tens_LOTRO> ...with the goal there being to further incentivize players to complete those instances.
<Tens_LOTRO> Finishing all of Fornost isn't easy - so if you do it, we feel you should be appropriately rewarded.

<Slattz>: Is there any chance new time responsive or quest responsive events could happen? For instance, bands of Blackwolds attacking Bree, or Goblins attacking Gondamon, as part of the epic or a non-epic quest chain? Could be a great thing to get the whole community involved!
<LOTRO_Patience> Hi again Slattz! Yes, you'll see things like that in the game - though you won't know until they happen

<Luinhenn>Can we expect to see the release of Book 12 before Xmas?
<LOTRO_Patience> Finally one we can answer. Since Book 12 has only just gone into QA, it won't be ready before Christmas, and won't be available to players for a while after that. So sometime in the New Year!