Crafting Guild Guide Moria

Crafting Guilds Guide with
Crafting Materials for specialization in Moria and
New types of ore and materials in Moria

by HoosieratHeart, JeanCarlo, CaidBaraka

Crafting Guilds main info

Crafting Guilds are new in Mines of Moria and the crafting guilds are independent of character level. As with the other tiers and levels of gear you get more stats on an item than the previous tier, that has not changed. The big change is that a critted piece has a much larger variance in stats than there was before. You can raise your reputation in a guild by turning in items that you make via your chosen profession.
Joining Crafting guilds gives you access to "special" recipes that allows you guaranteed results on crit items - crit also includes results with multiple items.

You need to have opened Tier 3 (expert) to join.
The crafting guilds are a nice touch and as you advance in the guild of your choosen profession you can purchase recipes that guarantee crited product. For instance at Kindred you can purchase an etched Beryl ring recipe and get the etched beryl ring. You will not be able to crank these out in mass quanity though as there are cool down timers of 1 day, 3 days and 5 days according to the recipe. (the etched beryls are 5 days).
There are recipes for making multiple mats and all tiers of crafted items, all are guarantee crits. Each of those recipes will require one of the items that you craft for turn ins to the crafting Guild though so you will have the choice until you reach kindred if you wish to craft that item for guild turn in or use it to craft a particular item. If you are crafting an item for sale or for a friend, the question you will need to ask yourself is, Am I willing to use my every 5 day crafted item in this recipe for this purpose?
Note: If you are Not yet GMed, you might want to wait on GMing, as the items needed to level your rep guild also provides actual crafting XP (up to 70 XP per item!)

For the crafting Guilds you have to choose 1 and only 1 to join, so if you are an Metalsmith you need to choose just one guild to join, metalsmith or Tailor. Then it is just like crafting for the rep places, you gather mats and craft items to turn into your choosed Guild Master to raise your rep within that Guild. With each level of rep reached you can purchase the crit recipes for that completed tier.You can opt to switch Guilds, but you will lose your reputation if you do (similar to how you lose any craft Xp if you switch to a vocation that does not have one you already leveled). The daily limits are per item size so you can for example make 3 small (expert, artisian, master) in one day. Making all possible items per day (not including supreme) you can be done in 22 days. If you use supreme (mats only from moria, but rare) you can be done in 15 days.

Where you can find guilds?

  1. Metalsmith Guild - Thorin's hall (by the Crafting area)
  2. Weaponsmith Guild - Thorin's Hall (by the Crafting area)
  3. Cooking Guild - Michel Delvin (by the Superior Oven area)
  4. Jeweler Guild - Esteldin (at the back, on the second floor of most buildings)
  5. Woodworking Guild - Esteldin (near the front)
  6. Tailoring Guild - Esteldin (above the current Crafting hall)
  7. Scholar Guld - Rivendell (second floor, above the Bank)

When you join you will see three NPCs. One sells recipes used to make crafting guild rep items. These are work just like crafting for rep with other factions, but with an additional restriction that each recipe has a cooldown and can only be executed anywhere from once per day to once per week.
The next NPC is the guild leader, basically just the guy you turn in the crafted rep items for guild rep.
The final NPC is the rewards vendor. This vendor sells special recipes which make guaranteed crit versions of existing recipes, and depending on guild either legendary items themselves or items related to them. The catch with these recipes is that the require rep items as components (which have cooldowns to make), and the recipes themselves have cooldowns as well.

Info about Legendary Crafting Items

At Kindred level you can purchase recipes for and craft legendary items. There are alot of materials used in crafting a legendary weapon or item and they are also random in stats, some will be good and some will be not so good, it's still all random.

  1. The jeweler will be making the rune stones for the Rune keepers, and the legendaries she can make will be the RK runestones.
  2. The scholar will get new potion recipes, new fire oil recipes, new breech finder recipes and a new t6 master journal recipe. (no new dyes) Legendaries will be the minstrel book and Lore Master book.
  3. The Tailor or course has all new gear recipes and can make the legendary Burg tools and RK bags. (the new armour looks amazing)
  4. The farmer has new recipes but no guild to join.
  5. No Guild for Forester, Propector
  6. The Cook has new recipes and the food on all tiers has changes. Many of the foods will now offer bonuses to fear, wound, posion etc removal. The legendary the cook can make is a cup of tea that when you drink it you will get a temporary bonus to the % of xp your legendary gains while hunting.
  7. Woodworker is no longer over looked there are many new bow and melee weapon recipes, as well as the Warden Javelin. The woodowrker will be able to construct all legendaries that correspond with the weapons she is able to currently make.

Every production profession makes at least two Legendary Items, except for Cook which makes the 1 hour bonus Item XP food with the guild recipe.


Small items = 10 XP, 1 day timer to make
Medium items = 35 XP, 3 days timer to make
Large items = 70 XP, 7 days timer to make

Small Expert = 400 Rep points
Medium Expert = 1200 Rep point
Small Artisan = 500 Rep points
Medium Artisan = 1500 Rep points
Small Master = 600 Rep points
Medium Master = 2000 Rep points
Large Master = 4000 Rep points
Small Supreme = 700 Rep points
Medium Supreme = 2500 Rep points
Large Supreme = 5000 Rep points

List of Items to turn in for Crafting Guild Reputation


  • Expert
    • Small - 2 High Grade Steel ingots
    • Medium - 6 High Grade Steel ingots
  • Artisan
    • Small - 3 Dwarf Steel ingot
    • Medium - 2 Westernese ingot, 6 Dwarf Steel ingot
  • Master
    • Small - 4 Elven steel ingot
    • Medium - 6 Elven steel ingot, 3 Ancient steel ingot
    • Large - 8 Elven steel ingot, 4 Ancient steel ingot


  • Expert
    • Small - 2 Boiled sturdy hide, 1 Bolt of cotton cloth
    • Medium - 6 Boiled sturdy hide, 2 Bolt of cotton cloth
  • Artisan
    • Small - 3 Boiled Pristine hides, 1 Bolt of silk cloth
    • Medium - 8 Boiled Pristine hides, 2 Bolt of silk cloth
  • Master
    • Small - 4 Boiled exceptional hides, 1 Bolt of elven cloth
    • Medium - 9 Boiled exceptional hides, 1 Bolt of elven cloth
    • Large - 12 Boiled exceptional hides, 1 Bolt of elven cloth


  • Expert
    • Small - 2 High Grade steel ingot
    • Medium - 6 High Grade steel ingot
  • Artisan
    • Small - 3 Dwarf steel ingot
    • Medium - 6 Dwarf steel ingot, 2 Westernese ingot
  • Master
    • Small - 4 Elven steel ingot
    • Medium - 6 Elven steel ingot, 3 Ancient steel ingot
    • Large - 8 Elven steel ingot, 4 Ancient steel ingot


  • Expert
    • Small - 2 Treated yew
    • Medium - 6 Treated yew
  • Artisan
    • Small - 3 Treated lebethron
    • Medium - 8 Treated lebethron
  • Master
    • Small - 4 Treated Black ash
    • Medium - 9 Treated Black ash
    • Large - 12 Treated Black ash


  • Expert
    • Small - 2 Gold ingots
    • Medium - 4 Gold ingot, 1 polished ruby
  • Artisan
    • Small - 2 Platinum ingots
    • Medium - 3 Platinum ingots, 2 White Gold ingots, 1 Polished adamant
  • Master
    • Small - 2 Ancient Silver ingot
    • Medium - 4 Ancient Silver ingot, 1 polished beryl
    • Large - 6 Ancient Silver ingot, 2 polished beryl


  • Expert
    • Small - 2 Faded Sindarin passages, 1 Torn Craftsman's diary
    • Medium - 2 Faded Sindarin passages, 1 Torn Craftsman's diary, 1 Cracked Dwarf carving
  • Artisan
    • Small - 2 Fragments of Dunedain script, 1 Relic of Lothlorien
    • Meidum - 2 Fragments of Dunedain script, 2 Relic of Lothlorien
  • Master
    • Small - 2 Long Lost second age, 1 Undeciphered moon letter
    • Medium - 2 Long Lost second age, 1 Undeciphered moon letter, 1 Worn Elf carving
    • Large - 3 Long Lost second age, 2 Undeciphered moon letter, 1 Worn Elf carving


  • Expert
    • Small - 1 Hearty Stock (water, salt, Lamb bones) plus 1 yellow onion, 1 cut of beef, 1 Lard (22, one per day)
    • Medium - 2 Marinated beef (Cut of beef, green onions, shire seasoning) plus 2 taters, 2 Yellow onions, 1 fresh butter (8, one every 3 days)
  • Artisan
    • Small - 1 marinated chicken (butter, fine seasoning, uncooked chicken) plus 1 cauliflower, 1 fine seasoning, 1 bag of salt (22, one per day)
    • Medium - 2 pie crust (course flour, eggs, lard) 2 batches of apple pie filling (shire apples, cinnamon) plus 3 strawberries (8, one every 3 days)
  • Master
    • Small - 1 tasty frosting (eggs, butter, cinnamon, fine clover honey) 2 blackberries, 1 fine clover, 1 blessed elf flour (22, one per day)
    • Medium - 1 pie crust (course flour, eggs, lard), 1 tasty frosting (eggs, butter, cinnamon, fine clover honey) 1 rhubarb, 1 blessed elf flour, 1 chicken egg (8, one every 3 days)
    • Large - 3 pie crust (course flour, eggs, lard), 3 berry pie filling (Blue berry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry) 3 tasty frosting (eggs, butter, cinnamon, fine clover honey) 1 fresh cream, 1 large bottle of milk (4, one every 7 days)


22 days without the supreme rep items, 15 days with. Still not sure it's worth the effort to use moria ores for the reputation imo.

Reputation Crafting Calculation
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To level some reputation to kindred using non-supreme mats you would need to gather beforehand:

76 Gold Ingots
68 Platinum Ingots
16 White Gold Ingots
100 Ancient Silver Ingots
8 Polished Rubies
8 Polished Adamants
16 Polished Beryls

92 High Grade steel ingots
114 Dwarf steel ingots
16 Westernese ingots
168 Elven steel ingots
40 Ancient steel ingots

22 x 2 = 44 treated yew (small)
8 x 6 = 48 treated yew (medium)
92 x 2 = 184 yew wood

22 x 3 = 66 treated leb (small)
8 x 8 = 64 treated leb (medium)
130 x 2 = 260 lebethron wood

22 x 4 = 88 treated ba (small)
8 x 9 = 72 treated ba (medium)
4 x 12 = 48 treated ba (large)
208 x 2 = 416 black ash wood

22 x 2 = 44 boiled sturdy hides (small)
8 x 6 = 48 boiled sturdy hides (medium)
92 x 2 = 184 sturdy hides

22 x 3 = 66 boiled pristine hides (small)
8 x 8 = 64 boiled pristine hides (medium)
130 x 2 = 260 pristine hides

22 x 4 = 88 boiled exceptional hides (small)
8 x 9 = 88 boiled exceptional hides (medium)
4 x 12 = 48 boiled exceptiona hides (large)
208 x 2 = 416 exceptional hides


22 Water
44 Salt
22 Lamb bones
48 Yellow onions
48 Cuts of beef
58 Lard
16 Green onions
16 Shire seasonings
16 Taters
72 Fresh butter
22 Fine seasonings
22 Uncooked chickens
22 Cauliflowers
36 Coarse flour
86 Eggs
16 Shire apples
58 Cinnamons
24 Strawberries
64 Fine clover honey
56 Blackberries
30 Blessed elf flour
8 Rhubarb
12 Blueberries
12 Blackberries
12 Raspberries
4 Fresh creams
4 Large bottles of milk
60 Faded Sindarin Pages
30 Torn Craftsman Diary
8 Cracked Dwarf Carvings
60 Fragments of Dunedain Script
38 Relic of Lothlorien
72 Long Lost Second Age Texts
38 Undeciphered Moon Letters
12 Worn Elf Carvings

New types of ore and materials in Moria

Tier 6 has all new gathering mats for every profession.
Save your T3-T5 mats, you use them to up your crafting guild reputation.
Some of new mats are:.

  1. Khazad-tin/copper/gold/iron ores to make Khazad-bronze/gold/tin/iron ingots.
  2. Scholars get Sage's Lockers.
  3. Ilex and Mallorn wood. Ilex can be found in a lot of areas in Moria.
    You don't run in to Mallorn til you get to east Moria. ( Bridge of Khazad Dum)
  4. Magnificient and Extraordinary hides.