You can say Expert Treasure-hunter instead of Burglar if you like...

The Hobbit, "An Unexpected Party"

A stealthy trickster, the Burglar can dart in and out of the shadows to befuddle, weaken, or damage foes. An unexpected strike from behind by a burglar can stun or trip enemies, allowing others in her party to combine their efforts for a devastating attack. Unassuming on her own, a burglar would be wise to not be caught alone.

The Burglar will be the class of choice for players that enjoy using cunning and tricks to defeat their opponents. Using concealment, a Burglar can strike from the shadows, taking her opponents unawares. With her wit, a Burglar can show her allies where a foe's weakness lies -- or trap someone in a riddle. A Burglar's combat style hinges on her ability to outmaneuver and outwit her opponents while hitting them where it hurts.

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The Burglar is a group support character, with a variety of moves that weaken or expose an opponent, are very effective against single enemies (where the burglar can use his debuffs to his advantage), but weak against multiple foes. The burglar gains a form of stealth (Sneak) and, presumably the ability to open locked items. Burglar is the major conjunction starter. The Burglar's skill Trip, which is used while sneak appears to be their main conjunction starter. Burglars have a skill called "Riddle". Riddle is a skill that works on humanoid targets; it's a stun that turns into mesmerise, you ask an Orc "What have I got in my pockets?" and he ponders this point, if you do not attack but simply walk away he will continue to ponder it for a while.

A Burglar, uses cunning and stealth to kill their opposing force. Their stealthy ways help them keep of trouble, or enter the fray at their terms. Burglars are important at starting conjunction attacks.

Skills Of The Burglar
  • Addle - Confuse an enemy so thoroughly he fails any inductions in progress, and any subsequent inductions for a short time take much longer to execute.
  • Aim - The Burglar's careful aim ensures the next damage-dealing attack skill will critical and has much lower chance of missing.
  • Burglar's Advantage - Execute another attack after a critical hit, inflicting more damage when the Burglar attacks from behind.
  • Cunning Attack - The Burglar's formidable cunning allows a darting attack which continues to deal damage after he strikes, dealing even more damage if the attack is made while sneaking.
  • Diversion - When in stealth, the Burglar can divert an enemy's attention away from himself for a short time.
  • Double-edged Strike - After using Burglar's Advantage, make two attacks against the target.
  • Exploit Opening - Stun a target, opening up a conjunction opportunity if the Burglar is in a fellowship.
  • Riddle - The Burglar is capable of posing riddles to enemies which may momentarily distract them, dazing them for 30 seconds or until damaged. Will not work on Beasts, Insects, or Creatures of Nature.
  • Sneak - Allows the Burglar to move about unseen, though there is a chance of detection.
  • Subtle Stab - Make a quick, sharp attack against a foe.
  • Surprise Strike - An attack in which the Burglar inflicts more damage when attacking from behind or while sneaking.
  • Trip - Knock an opponent down, opening up a conjunction opportunity if the Burglar is in a fellowship. Only useable while sneaking.
Traits of the Burglar

Here are some of the Class-specific Traits this class can obtain while adventuring in Middle-earth.

  • Footpad - The Burglar's ability to move about with Stealth has developed beyond his natural aptitude.
  • Hidden Dagger - The Burglar's attacks while using Stealth are far more accurate, reducing the chances that he may miss or that his enemy may somehow avoid them.

Burglars can wear light and medium armor


Burglars can use daggers, 1 handed swords, and 1 handed maces