Bounty Quests Lotro

Bounty Quests

Bounty quests are a new style of quest that will make their way into each region as we continue forward on our revision to the lands preceding Moria. Each of these quests is repeatable up to three times and has distinct rewards that tie into our new crafting changes. Each will allow players to earn new crafting items and recipes to assist them with their chosen vocations.

Bounty quests are quest given by NPCs that target creatures in a given area. The Barrow-downs targets wights, barghests and then a general mix. The key is that they are repeatable and will always yield crafting materials and recipes for rewards. Collect shiny or not-so-shiny object of target and turn in for good rewards feeding directly into the vocations. Rewards are scroll cases with the one shot recipes.

Bounty Quests Are:

  • Repeatable up to three times
  • Typically collection quests targeting monsters that are used to advance deeds (though this will not always be the case)
  • Avenues to attain crafting recipes, rare items and new optional ingredients

Bounty Quests Are Not:

  • A Brand new type of quest
  • Wanted poster quest akin to those in Ost Forod in Evendim
  • Evil
  • PvMp

Bounty Quests Reward:

  • Coin
  • Experience
  • Faction (Sometimes)
  • Playerâs choice of a crafting/actual level relevant Scroll Case with one-shot recipe
  • Either the rare component for the relevant crafting level or several optional components for crafting at relevant level

A Typical Bounty Quest:

Bounty: Turtle Shells

Walt Whitrose, at a camp on the border of the lakes in northeastern Bree-land. Is looking for turtle shells that can fetch a hefty sum from some folk in Bree. He is willing to trade you a scholar, tailor, weaponsmith and woodworking ingredient as well as your choice of vocation scroll case, a small amount of coin and experience for your efforts.

Other bounties will reward the remaining optional ingredients or the level appropriate shard and player choice of a scroll case. This means, if a player completes all the bounties for an associated level break they will have 6 shards, 6 optional ingredients and 6 random one-shot recipes.