Book 8 Woodworker

Woodworker Lothlorien Crafting Guild Emissary & Book 8 Changes

by M1sterZer0

Book 8 Woodworker Changes

  1. New optional ingredients have been added for the Cooking, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker professions. These new optional ingredients replace the old optional ingredients, which can no longer be found in treasure or used in recipes. A new Trophy Broker NPC, located in Michel Delving, will exchange any old optional ingredient you might have for the appropriate new optional ingredient.
  2. Forestry Branches: can produce Tailoring and Woodworking optional ingredients
  3. The single-use Woodworking recipes for Warden Carvings now stack.

  • New Warden item recipes have arrived! Woodworkers can now craft carvings, which Wardens can equip in their class item slots to decrease the power cost of their gambits. Recipes up to and including the Master Woodworking tier can be purchased from Warden trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Woodworker NPCs. More advanced recipes can be found in treasure.
  • The trophy item named Long Horn (a required ingredient for the Master Woodworker Champion Horn recipe) now states in its description that the item can be used in crafting. The icon has also been changed for this item to indicate that it is a crafting ingredient.
  • Adjusted the stats on Heavy Yew crafted weapons to differentiate them from Yew crafted weapons. Additionally, adjusted stats on the Stout Yew crafted weapons to differentiate them from the Hardened Yew crafted weapons.
  • The Woodworkerâs Guild Reward Vendor now sells the recipe for Crafted Burglarâs Club of the Third Age.
  • The crafted instruments Elegant Drum and Exquisite Elegant Drum now correctly change Echoes of Battle damage type to Beleriand.

As a dev pointed out, there is a new NPC in the Loth Vinyards called a "Lothlorien Crafting Guild Emissary." He sells guild-type recipes for many of the Loth-specific teal items, including:

  • tailor cloaks
  • weaponsmith weapons
  • woodworker weapons
  • metalsmithing shields
  • jeweller runestones
  • NEW cook tier 6+ crit food
  • NEW scholar tier 6+ crit potions

All of these recipes have the standard 1 week cooldown, require friend with the Galadhrim, and require kindred with the crafting guild.

True Golden Wood Bow

True Golden Wood Club

True Golden Wood Crossbow

True Golden Wood Great Club

True Golden Wood Hammer

True Golden Wood Javelin

True Golden Wood Spear

True Golden Wood Staff