Book 8 Guardian

Book 8 Guardian Changes and Set

by Helfanger

Book 8 Guardian Changes

  1. Corrected several skills that were not playing attack animations when the character was disarmed.
    • Guardian skills
      • Bash
      • Shield Smash
      • Shield-blow
      • Improved Shield-blow.
  2. The Guardian trait Litany Master will now trigger the threat over time effect on critical hits from the 2nd attacks of Shield Swipe and Sweeping Cut.
  3. The corruption removal countdown effect from the Guardian skill Improved Sting will now stack when applied by multiple Guardians.
  4. The Guardianâs skill Protection will now require a shield to be equipped as mentioned in the skillâs description.
  5. The Guardian skill Fray the Edge will now work correctly while untraited. In addition, once the Fray the Edge effect has reached its maximum value it will have its duration refreshed by additional applications of Fray the Edge.
  6. The Guardian skill Turn the Tables no longer requires the Guardian to face the target. All other restrictions still apply.
  7. Adjusted the stats on the following crafted sets of armour to improve the usefulness of the armour sets for Champions, Captains, and Guardians:
    • Sell-swordâs Armour / Superior Sell-swordâs Armour
    • Sentinelâs Armour / Superb Sentinelâs Armour
    • Officerâs Armour / High Officerâs Armour
    • Nobleâs Armour / Heroic Nobleâs Armour
    • Corrected typos found in the tooltips for the following tools:
    • Superior Bronze Smithing Hammer
    • Superior Iron Smithing Hammer
    • Superior Steel Smithing Hammer
    • Superior Dwarf-Steel Smithing Hammer
    • Superior Ancient Iron Smithing Hammer
    • Superior Ancient Steel Smithing Hammer.

Boots Of The Ladys Defence

Breastplate Of The Ladys Defence

Gauntlets Of The Ladys Defence

Helm Of The Ladys Defence

Leggings Of The Ladys Defence

Shoulders Of The Ladys Defence

Stone Guards Breastplate

Stone Guards Gauntlets

Stone Guards Leggings