Book 7 Minstrel Changes

Book 7 Minstrel changes

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Book 7 Minstrel set
Book 7 Minstrel set - beta screenshots

(by Hellfanger)

  • Call to Greatness has had its skill cooldown effects modified. Before, skills reset by this skill would simply reset every few seconds. This would cause the skill queue to get a bit confused. Now, skills have their cooldowns reduced while Call to Greatness is active.
  • Minstrels gain improved Resonance.
  • Reduced the cooldown of Damaging Anthems with Warrior Skald.
  • Anthem of Compassion can now be transformed into a tier 3 Ballad.
  • Heralded Resolve now gives 10% healing boon in addition to its healing bonus.
  • Ballads have had their action duration lessened; this means they can be fired more quickly, and thus threaded in between healing more often. This also means pure ballad-use DPS will be raised by removing the âanimation cooldown.â
  • Call to Fate is now accessible at level 56 while Soliloquy of Spirit is now a level 60 skill.
  • Minstrel resist progressions in IA have been increased to be more effective.
  • Ballads now add a small amount of healing magnitude for each tier played. With the now-faster animation cooldown of ballads, players will not only be able to deal damage faster, they'll be able to raise their ability to heal at the same time. This also affects Song of Vigour and Song of Balance (at an enhanced duration), so use this to wring every ounce of healing out of your Minstrel's resolve.
  • Timeless Echoes of Battle had its cooldown reduced to 5 seconds. This allows solo Minstrels to switch it to a new target even faster.
  • Song of Vigour and Song of Evade induction time has been lowered.
  • Warrior Skald Warspeech Ballad bonus has been restored to function in Warspeech, only increasing the speed of Ballad play required a small boost in power consumption.
  • Skill Icon Updates:
    • All the Ballad Skill Icons have been updated for consistency.
    • Piercing Cry, Herald's Strike, and other have also been updated.
    • Cry of-the Valar now reflects fear in the icon design, along with Ballad of Unshakeable Will.
  • All Minstrel 'Triumphant Spirit Cooldown' legacy tiers display the correct cooldown reduction.
  • Noble Cause skill now states that Herald Strike damage is changed to Light for the duration of the skill.
  • Legacy 'Healing & Motivation Skills Morale Healing' now properly increases the heal over time effects of Soliloquy of Spirit.
  • Ballad of Compassion now gains the duration increase from the Strength of Voice trait.
  • The set bonus in Watcher of Resolve was incorrectly referring to Anthem of Sympathy where it should have read Anthem of Compassion.
  • The Mentor Cooldown legacy has been removed from legendary class items.