Book 1 Chapter 5 Handling The Situation

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Quest Level:
Quest Giver
Location of the Quest Giver: Walls of Moria, 51.4S, 5.9W

Help Bori with the task Bosi gave him
Collect thick branches (0/6)

Silvertine Lodes

Related Zones:
The Walls of Moria, Stair Falls, 51.4S, 4.9W,

Silvertine Lodes

24S, 85C

Bosi's Necklace or
Elnaith (Spear)

Bori, 51.2S, 5.1W, is located at the foot of the stairs directly to your east. The stones are located in the dry river bed to the south of the road, and the thick branches are located along the path you took to the Dwarven workers. The branches are found under every tree around.