Battle Of Lorien

The Battle of Lorien

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The main idea
of this guide is to introduce players with some of the new things from the latest update. In fact, one of the challenges you as a player must face will be proving to the Galadhrim that you yourself are not a danger to the Golden Wood.

The Trust of the Galadhrim

How then can you gain safe passage beneath the leaves of Lothlórien?  There are several ways you can prove yourself to the Elves and gain limited access to Lórien.

Completing Quests from Echad Andestel

Located west of Lothlórien, the camp of Echad Andestel in Nanduhirion is home to merchants and wanderers on this side of the mountains. Several Elves are visiting the camp for the moment. Each of them can be persuaded to trust you if you aid them with their concerns. As the threat of the Orcs grows you will be able to continue aiding them with their efforts.

Completing Quests from Talan Haldir

South of Echad Andestel, the Elf Haldir maintains his vigil atop a flet, or platform, among the trees. Among his allies there are Hadroneth, who wishes for you to discourage the Orcs from establishing more outposts in Nanduhirion, the Dimrill Dale, and Maethoron. Aiding the Elves in these matters and others will encourage them to give you their trust.

Completion of Volume II Book 6

There is one more method of gaining enough trust to be allowed beyond the borders of Lothlórien, and you may have already done it. If you have personally aided the Lady Galadriel over the course of Book 6: The Shadowy Abyss and have gazed into the Mirror of Galadriel at the end of Chapter 9, you will be trusted enough by the Elves of Lórien to enter the woods.

Once you have earned the trust of the Elves through a combination of these methods, and speak with a Galadhrim Lookout just outside the border, he will notify the hidden archers that you are friendly and you will be permitted inside the Golden Wood.

The Battle of Lórien

The attack of the Orcs cannot now be forestalled; it can only be met, and it must be hoped that the preparations for the defence are sufficient.  When the Orcs begin their attack, the Elves will call upon a trusted few to assist them in the Battle of Lórien, a six-man instance that brings with it some interesting new features: the ability to command NPCs, a Deed that tracks the number of times you have successfully won the Battle, and a set of optional challenge quests that unlock as your skill in the Battle instance increases.

Commanding NPCs â At the outset of the Battle, youâll have an opportunity to assess the strength of the defenders at three defensive points and make decisions about where to send your most skilled NPCs in three categories: healing arts, melee combat, and ranged combat.  Do you send them to the same point, and concentrate your Fellowship on the defence of the two other points, or do you spread them out among the points?

Completion Deed â The Deed that tracks the number of times you have completed The Battle of Lórien will award you titles at each plateau, and also unlock optional objectives to complete within the instance that provide you with greater reward.

Optional Battle Objectives â There are several different objectives that can be pursued within the Battle of Lórien that range from defeating optional bosses before they leave the battlefield to preventing certain Elves from taking too much damage, and more.  There is also a Legendary Challenge to be undertaken that combines all of the optional objectives into one extremely difficult quest; it will take a lot of skill and precision to pull this one off!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Check each barricade before assigning the uber-NPCs (i.e. follow the script). Reason: the defending forces vary. Sometimes a barricade has no healer. One time I got two healers and two archers, who coped remarkably well on their own.
  2. The uber-NPCs break mezzes. The champ uses an AOE (yeah - realistic NPCs ). The Bowmaster also broke at least one mez. The normal NPCs seem better behaved.
  3. The "challenge" mobs don't always spawn in the same place. One of the spawn locations is the camp between North and East. He was easy to pull down to the NPCs. These mobs don't hang around for the whole battle, so if you need to kill them for the Challenge, find them fast.
  4. The shortest path between North and East is over the hill in between.
  5. Anything at the West barricade is more dangerous because it takes longer to reach. It is also a long pull to the North from there.
  6. The Elite mobs are slow, so they attack after the trash mobs. It is quite easy to separate them.
  7. The Armoured Moria Trolls kill NPCs fast. These are the ones to watch out for. If one attacks and you're not at the barricade you'll lose defenders. This adds a chance/luck factor.
  8. If the attacking mobs are not cleared fast enough, a Pulpum will attack. These are not as much of an issue as the EMs in the GF battle instances.

The challenges:

The basic quest gives 2 gold leaves each time.

Each challenge gives an extra 3 gold leaves.

The Legendary Challenge gives an extra 5 gold leaves.

Sentinel's Challenge 1
'Two fearsome foes were seen lurking in the back ranks during the last battle: Narshpug, a foul-tempered Uruk, and Grakâmâb, a mighty troll. They were not brought to the front of the battle, which makes me think they are being saved for some purpose; at some point they left the field of battle. If you are able to defeat one of them before they leave and are also able to successfully win the battle, you will have completed my challenge to you.'

For the basic fight and Challenge I, you should sent one NPC to each barricade, trying to balance the forces. This is not required, though. You could, for instance, send the Champ and/or Bow-master to the same barricade as Belvagor. Supposing you sent them all to the same place, it would probably help him avoid damage. This would make the fights a bit tougher at the other barricades, but you will not had a problem with two back (LM + healer or LM + tank).

Certain barterable items (e.g. Armor plating, Bandages, etc) would help Belvegor keep himself alive, and the other items would help his friends burn the attackers faster.

Sentinel's Challenge 2
'My sister Limhendeth has always been fond of Belvagor and expressed to me her concern that he might be wounded during the upcoming battles with the Orcs. My challenge to you is this: do not allow Belvagor to be so much as scratched. He is an Elf brave and true and will demand to fight at one of the passes, but for my sister's sake, ensure that he is not wounded. You must win the battle without Belvagor sustaining any serious injury to complete my challenge.'

Sentinel's Challenge 3
'We need to send a message to the Orcs, (your name). We must show them that they are no match for the defenders of Lothlórien, and what better way to show them this than to repel them with all haste?

'If you are able to successfully win the battle in less than thirty minutes, you will have completed my challenge.'

Legendary Sentinel's Challenge

'During the next battle, you must defeat both Narshpug and Grakâmâb before they leave the field of battle, you must prevent Belvagor from taking any wounds, and you must successfully win the battle...all within half an hour.'