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Lotro Turbine Points Ered Luin

As you already know Turbine points can be collected by finishing deeds, finding places or gaining reputation. Usually you get 5 TP for finishing deed, 10 TP for Advanced deed level and 15 TP for Final deed level. This guide … Continue reading

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Free Lotro Turbine points – How to collect them easily

When Turbine announced that the Lone-lands quest pack is free to all players, Lotro players who spent Turbine points on LL were very disappointed. So, we have decided to make a small guide and help them to reclaim some Turbine … Continue reading

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Lotro Turbine Points: Bree-Land

With Lotro F2P model comes the addition of the LOTRO Store, where players have immediate in-game access to a wide variety of special items and account services for Turbine Points (TP). The best part of this model is that you … Continue reading

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