Talk Like a Pirate Lotro Event

The Lord of the Rings Online team announced new events "Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner". This special event only happens once a year in September as a celebration of the Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Avast mateys! Gather round ‘n ye shall hear the tale of the shipwrecked Mariner, and a tale of woe and trouble it be! Search the banks of the Brandywine for the lost crates and barrels from a doomed supply ship. Ye’ll be rewarded for yer efforts with piratey gear from the thankful crew. Ye may even run across a few treasure chests the shifty fellows failed to mention! This special event only happens once a year in September, so don’t ye miss yer chance! Arrrgggggh!

There are also Pirate's Day Accessories in the LOTRO Store like Black Corsair Hat, Black Corsair Eyepatch and Short-sleeved Corsair's Tunic and Pants.

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