New Pet for Lotro Lore-masters

Spirit of Nature

New Lore-master's pet called a Spirit of Nature is a "healing" pet without auto-attacks. Definitely not something that is preferable but it has three skills:

  1. Flashing Flank
    With Flashing Flank skill the targeted enemy will be Flanked, but the cooldown (one minute) is too long since Eagle and Lurker flank every 15 seconds pretty consistently.
  2. Nature’s Light
    With Nature’s Light skill any of your fellowship who attack targeted enemy will receive 5% of their damage back as a heal, but the healing returned is too low.
  3. Nature's Gift
    The Nature's Gift skill causes your pet to sacrifice. The sacrifice returns only 10% of the pet max morale, which is also too low.

There is a great discussion on the official forums and we hope Devs will listen to some suggestions.
We would like to thank Failmaster for the screenshots!


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