LOTRO Store Sales starting September 30th

Starting September 30th until October 6th, 2011 Turbine is offering new Store Sales:

  • Milestone Skills 20% OFF: 280TP
    Set multiple instant-travel destinations! Unlock an additional destination skill to bind at Milestones. 5 additions available! Milestones, or "homes", are locations that you can instantly travel to from anywhere in the world. Players can bind to one destination at a time for free, and purchasing additional Milestone Skills allows players to access more than one destination at a moment's notice!
    Store Location: Travel & Housing > Maps & Skills > Milestone Skills
    Levels: All
  • Legendary Slot Unlock 20% OFF: 236TP
    Level up and unlock an additional Legendary Item Slot in your Legendary Item panel! 2 Unlocks available! Once an item is slotted, you can then further upgrade your Legendary Items by using Legendary Tier Upgrades, Legacies and more from the LOTRO Store!
    Store Location: Character > Upgrades > Legendary Slots
    Levels: 50+
  • Simple Rally Horn 20% OFF: 76TP
    Travelling throughout Middle-earth can be time-consuming, but with a Simple Rally Horn you'll spend less time waiting for your friends and more time adventuring with them. Yes, less really is more! Summon a member of your fellowship to your side with the Simple Rally Horn!
    Store Location: Travel & Housing > Summoning Items > Fellowship
    Levels: 15+
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