LOTRO Store Sales starting October 7th

Starting October 7th until October 13th, 2011 Turbine is offering new Store Sales:

  • Skirmishes 20% OFF: 316TP
    A Skirmish is a randomized re-playable instance that earns your character Skirmish Marks, which can be bartered for hundreds of items including crafting items, legendary items, armour, weapons, cosmetics, upgrades for your soldier, and more! In addition to the free Skirmishes you can play, try adventuring into these premium Skirmishes:
    - Stand at Amon Sul - Help defend Weathertop! (Level 25+)
    - Thievery and Mischief - Drive brigands from snowy Bree! (Level 30+)
    - Defence of the Prancing Pony - Prevent brigands from burning down the Inn! (Level 35+)
    - Ford of Bruinen - Repel waves of Sauron's forces in the Trollshaws! (Level 40+)
    - Survival: Barrow-downs - Fight the Barrow-wights, Barrow-crawlers, Barghest & more! (Level 45+)
    Skirmishes also contain Deeds, allowing you to earn new titles, free Turbine Points, or other rewards.
    Store Location: Account > Quests & Content > Skirmishes
    Levels: 25+
  • Instances 20% OFF: 316TP
    Halls Of Night:
    Step into a dream state and be whisked into the Halls Of Night! The Hillmen of Angmar have discovered an ancient barrow hidden away for centuries. The leaders of Aughaire have called for adventurers willing to brave the tomb rumored to be filled with wealth and riches. Markings surrounding its entrance bear an ominous warning; twisted creatures and slumbering warriors at the foot of a powerful sorcerer...
    Inn Of The Forsaken:
    The Forsaken Inn is the last inn on the road to Eriador which runs into the distant Misty Mountains, and was possibly visited by Bilbo and his companions on their journey to Rivendell. It is in total disrepair, yet is considered a welcome sight in these lawless lands. Almost nothing is known about the Inn- if you can brave the wails and cries coming from the basement, you're sure to uncover the dark secrets of this Lone-lands settlement.
    Store Location: Account > Quests & Content > Raids & Instances
    Levels: 20+
  • Skirmish Mark Boosts 20% OFF: 72TP - 292TP
    Earn +25% Skirmish Marks for 60 minutes! Skirmish Marks have many in-game uses!

    • Can be redeemed for a very wide variety of items including armor, jewelry, weapons, crafting shards, single-use recipes, reputation items, cosmetic items, decorations, relics, and both minor and major class quest items
    • Can also be spent on improving your character and personal skirmish soldier while in skirmishes
    • 5 & 25-stacks available

    Store Location: Buffs & Boosts > Advancement Buffs > Skirmishes
    Levels: 20+

  • Skirmish Trait Max: 15 & 25 20% OFF: 156TP
    Raise the rank cap on your skirmish soldier and skirmish traits from 7 to up to 25, allowing you to further train your soldier and increase its effectiveness in skirmishes.
    Store Location: Account > Skirmish Trait
    Levels: 55-65
  • Remove Skirmish Defeat Penalty 20% OFF: 16TP - 68TP
    Remove the negative effect 'Shame of Defeat' gained through defeat within any Skirmish space! Single & 5-stacks available.
    Store Location: Goods & Services > Skirmish Items
    Levels: 20+


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