Lotro Rise of Isengard Known Issues

Celestrata posted the latest Known Issues on what's still a problem in Rise of Isengard Patch 1:

  • Some of the 4 set bonuses for Silent Knife and Gambler trait lines are duplicating and showing up in the 5 set bonuses as well.


  • Improved Great Cleave is not resetting area attack cooldowns as it states it should

Monster Play


  • When 'Feel the Burn' is traited, additional damage from Tangleshot is doing common damage.


  • Blight DoT damage is unaffected by damage corruption traits, Battlefield Promotion Passive, and never crits



  • Challenge quests for Drake and Giant wings reward Helegrod Mark instead of 3 Superior 4th Marks


  • Annuminas - Haudh Valandil - There is a chance that Shingrinder will fall off the bridge when using ranged attacks, resetting the fight.
  • Dunland - Tusks of the Boar - Cancelling the wrapper quest does not exit the instance.
  • Dunland - The Battle of Dol Baran - Being defeated in the instance revives you in Enedwaith.

Legendary Items

  • Tooltip and Legendary Items panel does not properly update Tactical Damage Rating when points are refunded.


  • (Dunland - Pren Gwydth) - 'Mean Old Big Bloodtusk' does not complete if Bloodtusk is not killed directly in front of his den .
  • Annuminas - Haudh Valandil - Challenge: Valandil and Dolvaethor will not advance after defeating Valandil and Dolvathor.
  • Dunland - Into the Dragon's Maw - Quest text directs players to Uvel-Cadlus but the orders drop in Rhuvel-Cadlus.
  • Dunland - If Instance: The Auction is completed in a fellowship before turning in The Ledger (Quest), some further content cannot be accessed
  • Volume 3, Book 4, Chapter 18 - Mapping out of the Isengard Depths before receiving the map to return causes the player to be unable to complete the Epic Book quest or access additional quests in the Isengard Depths


  • Dunland - Isendale - Cuvnerth, Athdar and Brontrig do not have POI flags on the map


  • Jazzhands and Read animations are causing other emote animations to work incorrectly
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