Lotro servers and sites are down

The latest Twitter posts:

The game servers are once again available - [source]

We're working to have the games up within the next 2 hours or so. Websites may also be available within that time frame. More updates soon! [source]

We're currently investigating service issues impacting the game and websites. Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve them! [source]

Our techs are on site working to resolve the datacenter issues. Thanks for your patience, and we'll bring more updates as they're available! [source]


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5 Responses to Lotro servers and sites are down

  1. avatar Rhii says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this up, I’ve been kind of confused as to why I couldn’t access the game or the site and I couldn’t find any notices of downtime anywhere. Glad I found you!


  2. avatar Chad says:

    Hey thanks for posting, been trying to figure this out off and on all day, i appreciate the info.

  3. avatar Erethas says:

    yep, thanks for posting this info.