Fishing Guide Hobby Lotro

Equipment and Gear


  • Basic Pole -- Given by hobbyist when you first learn the hobby
  • Yew Pole -- +1 fishing level (player-crafted, recipe at Novice Woodworker)
  • Well-made Yew Pole -- +3 fishing level (player-crafted, recipe at Novice Woodworker)
  • Lebethron Pole -- +4 fishing level (player-crafted, recipe at Expert Woodworker)
  • Well-made Lebethron Pole -- +5 fishing level (player-crafted, recipe at Expert Woodworker)


  • Fishing Vest -- Outfitters
  • Fisherman's Shirt & Waders -- Quest Reward in Forochel

So far, gear is all cosmetic. No clothing known yet that adds any fishing buff.

**** Note on poles: There is good evidence that a +5 pole can help you level-cap quickly in early levels. However, the bonus quickly drops off and is unnoticeable after about level 40-50. Poles with a bonus do not let you catch above your level.

Hobby Masters

  • Estmar Bolger
    Location: Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
    Purpose: Starts you fishing with quest to find Misty Bolger in Bywater
  • Haldor
    Location: Rivendell, Last Homely House
    Purpose: Starts you fishing with quest to find Garbert in Tal Bruinen
  • Henry Oakeshott
    Location: Bree, Scholars' Stair Archives
    Purpose: Starts you fishing with quest to find Joy Bloomer in Staddle
  • Refkell
    Location: Thorin's Hall, near Bard
    Purpose: Starts you fishing with quest to find Nokki S. of Noglond

Fishing Suppliers

  • Misty Bolger
    Location: Bywater, N of town near small footbridge
    Purpose: Fishing Supplier, bait vendor
  • Joy Bloomer
    Location: Staddle, by Little Staddlemere
    Purpose: Fishing Supplier, bait vendor
  • Nokki
    Location: Ered Luin, South of Noglond
    Purpose: Fishing Supplier, bait vendor
  • Garbert
    Location: Tal Bruinen, Trollshaws along Bruinen S of Ford
    Purpose: Fishing Supplier, bait vendor
  • Rusu
    Location: Forochel, Suryi-Kyla
    Purpose: Reputation Vendor sells Flounder recipes

Quest Givers

  • N/A
    Location: Forochel, camp up hill near road to Ja-Rannit
    Quest: "Fisherman's Friend"; Level 48; reward: "Fisherman's Shirt & Waders"
  • Nora
    Location Forochel, Suryi-Kyla
    Quest: "Empty Larder"; Level 47; Must catch 10 "oily fish"; reward: 23s 80c, 500 Rep
  • Taiop
    Location: Forochel, Hylje-Leiri
    Quest: "Bounty of the Sea"; Lvl 46 (repeatable); Catch 12 Icebay Salmon "where sea bubbles/boils"; reward: 37s 52c, 500 Rep

Titles and Levels

  • Apprentice Angler --- Reach Fishing Level 10
  • Journeyman Angler --- Reach Fishing Level 50
  • Expert Angler --- Reach Fishing Level 100
  • Master Angler--- Reach Fishing Level 150
  • Lord/Lady of Streams --- Reach Fishing Level 200
  • Compleat Angler --- Catch 50lb Salmon
  • Darter Group Trophy --- Catch All 9 Darter Varieties [1]
  • Sturgen Group Trophy --- Catch All 9 Sturgeon Varieties [2]
  • Trout Group Trophy --- Catch All 9 Trout Varieties [3]


  • Salmon King--- Catch 50lb Salmon (Hidden Deed, only shows in log when you catch one)
  • Darter-master --- Catch All 9 Darter Varieties
  • Sturgeon-master --- Catch All 9 Sturgeon Varieties
  • Trout-master --- Catch All 9 Trout Varieties

Recipes Involving Fishing - Cooking

  • Flounder w/Bacon
    Stats: Artisan (146 Morale & 110 Power every 30 sec/300 sec), recipe from Forochel Rep Supplier Rusu--Friend Standing
  • Baked Flounder
    Stats: Artisan (146 Morale every 30 sec for 300 sec),recipe from Forochel Rep Supplier Rusu--Ally Standing
  • Flounder Fillet
    Stats: Artisan (110 Power every 30 sec for 300 sec),recipe from Forochel Rep Supplier Rusu--Kindred Standing


19 Responses to Fishing Guide Hobby Lotro

  1. avatar Grover says:

    I got the sturgen deed below the Haunted House after 2 hrs of fishing got all but one this morning third cast landed me the last one all from the same lake level 141 to 151.

  2. avatar matthew miller says:

    Your Table of Rare Fish By Region/Zone Level is not correct. I have caught some fish in different zones and areas other than what is printed above.

    • avatar Silriel says:

      As of February’s game update a lot of changes have been made to fishing, including much more fishing Region/Zone. If anyone has any additional information that could help us to update the guide please post your experiences here.

  3. avatar chripsy says:

    caught a 50lb samon in merkwood

  4. avatar Stephen says:

    Not sure about sturgeons, but I can confirm that all the trout can be caught in the lake in Evendim and all the darters can be caught at Aughaire in West Angmar. This is after the Feb 2010 update. Still looking for where the sturgeons are!

  5. avatar Axer says:

    Caught my first 50 pounder today and 2 casts later caught a second one. That was at level 189 with a +4 rod in Forochel, the north side of the lake at Suri-kyla.

  6. avatar Axer says:

    My quest darters were caught in Aughaire, Angmar, right there in town, from levels 112 to 131.

    My quest sturgeons were caught in Eregion, from Sad Rechu to Fordirith, in the ponds along the dried up river bed, from levels 149 to 165.

    Caught another 50 lb salmon at fishing level 198 in the pool beside Gloin’s camp in the Misty Mountains. I am level 37 with a +4 rod. I caught a fine array of 20 darters, 20 trophies, including 13 salmon, and 40 of the top 4 food fish among the 138 casts of my final 9 levels in that pool. Level 198 took 44 casts and was the worst level ever. Previous sets of 10 levels working backwards took 105, 107, 80, 113, etc casts.

    My final catch to reach level 200 was a goldfish!

  7. avatar Ewie says:

    Well levels differ, caught all normal fish under level100, All Trout in kingsfell ND, Busy with darters in Forocell.

    So look like minimum levels have dropped a lot.

  8. avatar Glepo says:

    This is not correct, i’m lvl 80 in fishing and i have caught loads of perch

  9. avatar Erid says:

    I caught all the Sturgeons in Moria in that fountain just north of the 21st hall.

  10. avatar martin teague says:

    Caught everything,trophied everything,but was wondering after re-catching all the sturgeon again at the fishing hole[nabbed 2 50lb salmon as well],can you get another group trophy after completing deed? All 3 group trophies are at the kin-house and I was hoping to catch one for my personal house.Any one know?

  11. avatar Trulti says:

    Caught all the sturgeons in Enedwaith. North, north west of Lhanuch

  12. avatar Apple says:

    I just want to mention this spot in lonelands. When u travel from the Inn to caihtlins camp there is a small waterfall at 31.3s 37.8w. Im not sure if i was just exremely lucky or it has to do with the spot. I pulled out one purple after the other. Fishing prof around 60 (yew rod). Got 7 trouts (5 different species) and 5 trophy fish including 4 and 10 pound salmon and a cunning catfish. It must have been in about 15 minutes! It was so out of proportion that i cant believe it was only luck. The pool was just full with purples and how did that happen?

    I wonder if more people experienced this in that spot. Maybe this particular spot had’nt been fished for a while giving it the high rate of purple? Hope someone will try the spot and mention it here. Could tell us if Lotro uses some speciall fishing places for us to discover. Or about a building up on purples in unfished spots maybe?

  13. avatar Aulberic says:

    Caught all my trout in under an hour in Rivendell. Two friends also had the same luck. One fished near the forge-master, one under the bridge north of the stables, and I fished below the falls near Elrond’s Hall. I was at about 90 prof. and caught 40% trophy fish, 35% food fish, 25% vendor trash.

  14. avatar Gwinster says:

    I’ll just confirm Apple’s reply. I found this spot on my own but remembered the post after I had fished it. I was lvl 171 when I fished it…usually took me around 15 casts to lvl. I went up 10 lvls in 62 casts here and caught 20 purple and 12 cooking fish in that time. The quality of the fish remains the same for the area…no sturgeon or darters here, but the rate of lvling and purple and food fish is much higher. 6.2 to 15 or more…nice reduction in leveling time and good chance for quality fish!

  15. avatar Nicotiana says:

    50 pound salmon caught in Lake Evendim today. Fishing is maxed.

  16. avatar Spirit says:

    Just finished trout and darter.
    Trout-caught all at the little pond next to broken bridge after Foresaken Inn-2hours
    Darter- caught all inside Syri-Kali first water to the left outside hall -2 hours.
    Will update when I find Sturgeon