And this I also say: you are our captain and our banner. The Dark Lord has Nine. But we have One, mightier than they...

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, "The White Rider"

Bearing her banner into battle, a Captain provides hope and leadership to her fellows, inspiring them to greater deeds. A skilled Captain can rally a party back from the brink of defeat, or seal a victory against many foes. While a Captain is a respected fighter on her own accord, she is primarily driven by her powerful sense of leadership to those fighting around her.

The Captain will be the class of choice for players who enjoy supporting their fellows while participating in melee combat. With her unique ability to plant banners to increase the battle prowess of those near them, the Captain helps to define where a fight will happen. Her battle cries allow her to take advantage of certain events in combat to aid the morale or combat ability of her fellows. A Captain's style of combat focuses on inspiring those around her to glory.

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The Captain is a well balanced class, with the ability to both solo and group effectively. A captain's strength lies in beneficial effects for his party. A major focus in group combat is the captain's herald, a combat "pet" who also carries a banner that buffs the fellowship, colloquially known as "mansam". The captain has a lot of things in combat that it can react to; it designates the main target, uses beneficial cries when enemies fall and can heal and protect its fellows. The captain is effectively the group leader.

The Captain are natural leaders giving their allies hope and supporting in them in their battles against the creature of Middle Earth by using their skills to boost up their allies as well as using skills such as Enraged Shout to make their enemies fear them. Their haste skills can be used in and out of battle, it is handy if you and your fellowship are surrounded and an escape is needed.

Skills Of The Captain
  • Rallying Cry - When the Captain's enemy is defeated, her cry boosts her fellowship's morale.
  • War-cry - When the Captain's enemy is defeated, she lets out a cry which rallies her nearby companions to attack with greater speed and determination.
  • Command: Make Haste - Inspires the Captain's fellowship to greater haste, both in and out of battle.
  • Defensive Strike - The Captain attacks defensively, causing light damage but recovering quickly to protect herself from returned attacks.
  • Enraged Shout - A fearsome shout which strikes terror into the hearts of enemies and puts the Captain into a battle-readied state.
  • Pressing Attack - Allows the Captain to swing twice at her enemy, inflicting medium damage.
  • Routing Cry - When an enemy is defeated, the Captain lets out a fearsome Cry which slightly demoralizes all other foes nearby.
  • In Harm's Way - The Captain puts herself in harm's way to defend nearby companions, taking all damage dealt to them upon her.
  • Intimidating Shout - A Shout which threatens the enemy, increasing the chance that it will attack the Captain.
Traits of the Captain

Here are some of the Class-specific Traits this class can obtain while adventuring in Middle-earth.

  • Captain's Hope - The Captain's Banner of Hope evokes greater effects upon her allies.
  • Captain's Valour - The Captain's Banner of War evokes greater effects upon her allies.

Captains can use light, medium, and heavy armor and also use light shields


Captains can use all 1 handed and 2 handed weapons